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4th of July Diabetes Friendly Recipes

7 Diabetic Recipes You NEED to Try This 4th of July!

7 Diabetic Recipes You NEED to Try This 4th of July!

7 Diabetic Recipes You NEED This 4th of July
Independence Day seems like the unofficial summer barbecue kick-off day around the country. But that can include meals that aren't friendly to people with dietary restrictions like diabetes. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy barbecuing delicious meals with friends and family. So we researched the most mouth-watering diabetic recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone.
If you are entertaining people living with diabetes or you have diabetes, take a look at our top 7 summery recipes to enjoy this 4th of July! Plus, we added some tips to make this holiday a little easier on everyone's stomachs.


1. Tomato Salad with Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette

This diabetic recipe comes from They have a Nutrition Profile, which makes it easy to see what's Diabetes Appropriate. Here's why it's great: Salad dressings have hidden sugars that cause serious glucose spikes. This recipe includes steps for the homemade vinaigrette, so you avoid those tacked on sugars. On top of that, tomatoes are the perfect summer treat that tastes sweet but low in sugar. Tip: Swap Sugar for Vegetables

2. Cauliflower-Potato Salad

Potato salad screams summertime backyard barbecue, so we had to try out this low-carb take on the staple starter. We're excited that it's great for people following low-carb and low-sugar diets, with just 3 grams of sugar and 17 grams of carb per serving! Here's why it's great: They've halved the number of starchy potatoes and mixed cauliflower instead. Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable and can be used to replace a lot of high carb foods that diabetics should avoid.

On the Barbecue

3. Grilled Herb Burgers

Burgers are a must-serve at any 4th of July gathering, but they can be full of sugary hamburger buns and ketchup that will spike your glucose too high. Diabetic Living Magazine did a great job of creating this alternative that keeps glucose levels in check! Here's why it's great: The diabetic recipes they have for burgers use turkey patties instead of beef. On top of that, they swapped for a whole wheat ciabatta roll, making it just a little leaner. Tip: Opt for Lean Meats

4. Grilled Fish Tacos

There is a rise is in vegetarian and pescetarianism for many different reasons. Lean meats like fish are perfect alternatives for those living with diabetes, and these fish tacos are paired with a pineapple salsa. They are as refreshing as they are healthy! While this recipe has bottled salsa as one of the ingredients, we recommend making your own with one of these diabetic recipes to avoid hidden sugars. Here's why it's great: Using fresh pineapple to create your own salsa lowers your sugar intake.

5. Seafood Skewers

We lean toward recipes that are super low effort but pack a big punch. Skewers are easy to prepare and easy to serve, so we think they're a great option for this 4th of July! You can throw them on the top rack of the grill for 10 minutes and they're done. Here's why it's great: Shrimp is another perfect lean meat option for the summer. In addition, this recipe is shrimp and vegetables. That's it!

Sweet Treats

6. Classic Cherry Crisp

It wouldn't be Independence Day without an All American Cherry Pie, but that can wreak havoc on your glucose levels. This recipe is gluten-free, and only 20 grams of sugar per serving. That means this recipe is great for diabetics and gluten-intolerant people as well. Here's why it's great: A cherry pie you pick up at the grocery store has on average 40 grams of carb per 100-gram serving. That's a lot! This recipe gives you a 1/2-cup serving with only 30 grams of carb!
This pie uses greek yogurt instead of cream cheese, which is just a little less fatty than a cheesecake. It also uses fresh berries instead of sugar-filled canned berries. Here's why it's great: With only 14 grams of sugar and 25 grams of carb, it's a diabetic-friendly alternative to berry cheesecake that packs a whopping 45 grams of sugar and 60 grams of carb, on average. Tip: Stay Away from Sugary Drinks There is an adage to live by as a diabetic, which is to not drink your calories. But these refreshing summertime beverages are low calorie, low sugar options that will have everyone grabbing a glass. Here's why they're great: Both recipes require 2 tablespoons of sugar. That's it! They take very little time to prepare, so they're quick and healthy alternatives to soda!
We hope you have a great 4th of July holiday, no matter what you cook! And don't forget to share with us the diabetic recipes that make the time spent with family and friends a little sweeter.
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