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 Healthy Squeeze to More People

Compression Socks: Giving a Healthy Squeeze to More People Than Before

Compression Socks: Giving a Healthy Squeeze to More People Than Before

At one time, compression socks were thought of as nothing more than special clothes people living with diabetes and senior citizens wore during the day. That misconception is slowly fading though as an increasing number of people are wearing them for other, healthy reasons. What’s the shift behind the expanded use of compression socks? Step right up and we’ll share what our ExpressMed team knows:
  • Compression socks have been used by mankind for centuries as a circulation aid and people living with diabetes are not the only ones to have problems maintaining adequate blood flow. Anyone that sits or otherwise remains in one position for too long is subject to circulation problems. Examples include, but are not limited to people who travel for long periods, work stationery jobs or are bedridden.
  • In addition, circulation may dramatically slow in people who exercise but fail to cool down properly. The cool down period is essential for moving waste towards the body’s nearest exit and helping our muscles recovery from microscopic damage or extended use. Also, as we already mentioned, people diagnosed with certain diseases that impact the circulatory system tend to use them too.
As such, a large percentage of the adult population could benefit from owning several pair of compression socks. We recommend choosing compression socks that meet one’s circulatory and lifestyle needs. For instance, aging runners may need wide, elastic-based socks that extend close to the knees. Construction workers, on the other hand, may need shorter, tougher compression socks that feature a waterproof element. At Expressmed, we pride ourselves on having a fine collection of compression socks for sale. Many of the ones in our inventory carry well-respected brand names including Sigvaris, Mediven, CURAD, Comprilan, Futuro™ and Jobst. To learn more about the various compression socks options and conveniently purchase a few pairs, please contact Expressmed today!
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