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 Home Wound Care

At Home Wound Care: Don’t Just Stick to Cartoon Solutions Especially if you are Living with Diabetes

At Home Wound Care: Don’t Just Stick to Cartoon Solutions Especially if you are Living with Diabetes

Unfortunately for many Americans, their wound care must go beyond character-clad Band-Aids and mom’s kisses. Maybe they’ve had surgery or are combating underlying illnesses that make them more susceptible to infections than most. Either way, they must have access to today’s best, anti-microbial medications, cleansers and bandages in order to maintain their health. At ExpressMed, we understand that and have stocked out store’s shelves accordingly. We’ve even got an assortment of adhesive removers, which is one necessary item many people overlook. Why are adhesive removers by companies like Torbot, Detachol, Smith & Nephew so important? For one,they help breakdown artificial barriers between our skin and the outside world. Although these barriers are needed during critical stages of wound care, they also have the potential to cause allergic reactions, attract germs and dirt as well as hinder normal, bodily functions. In addition, simply ripping bandages off of wounds could result in a loss of much-needed skin cells and moisture. So, adhesive removers indirectly help wound care specialists change patients’ bandages without causing damage to the skin or spreading unwanted infections. And wound care specialists aren’t the only people who could benefit from using the adhesive removers during their work. At home caregivers and their patients may benefit from them as well. Most adhesive removers used during wound care come in a handful of predictable forms. For instance, there are sprays and wipes. Sprays are commonly used to treat pressure sensitive areas whereas wipes require some manhandling on the part of the caregivers. Therefore, it is always best to have more than one form of adhesive remover in the home. However, if that is not possible, sprays tend to be at home caregivers’ best bet due to the product's versatility. To learn more about adhesive removers and how they may help a variety of wound care situations especially if you are living with Diabetes, please contact us.
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