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Diabetes Monitoring Kits

5 Best Diabetes Monitoring Kits To Check Your Blood Sugar Level

5 Best Diabetes Monitoring Kits To Check Your Blood Sugar Level

Glucose meters are diabetes monitoring kits that will provide you with  fast readings to see how exercise, diet, and medication can affect your blood glucose. Glucose meters are a vital part of managing diabetes, so they have to be easy to use, reliable, and as painless as possible. Choosing the best glucose meter is entirely up to you and your needs. Do your research on the type of features you want and also the cost. 

There are many types of diabetes monitoring kits out there; the best glucose meters are handheld devices that can be used to test your blood sugar levels. So look through the list to learn more about the best diabetes monitoring kits to check your blood sugar level!

Prodigy Autocode Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The Prodigy Autocode is a talking meter. It is made to help you check your blood glucose levels. With the newest advance in technology, the system will deliver precise results in only seven seconds with a small sample of blood. Plus, it can talk in either English, Spanish, French, or Arabic to confirm your results. 

Nova Max Plus Meter Kit

The Nova Max Plus incorporates innovative technology for exact and accurate self-monitoring of blood glucose and ketones by diabetes patients. The meter is easy-to-use and will provide error-free blood glucose and ketone results. With a blood sample size of only 0.3 microliters needed, results are presented in 5 seconds. Ketone results are provided in 10 seconds. If you are looking for a meter that is able to measure both blood glucose and ketones levels, this kit is perfect for your needs. In fact, this is the only meter ExpressMed offers that is able to perform both functions. 

Abbott Laboratories Inc FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The Abbott FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System comes with a large numeric display and a new ergonomic shape. It is perfect for those looking for easy and precise testing. It requires the smallest blood sample size in the world and features no-code technology for your easy testing.

TRUE Metrix Blood Glucose Meter 

With no coding, the TRUE Metrix Blood Glucose Meter provides quality and trustworthy blood glucose testing results in as little as 4 seconds. This device has advanced capabilities, such as storing up to 500 results with time and date, and provides 30, 14, and 7 day averaging patterns.

AlphaTRAK Starter Kit

The AlphaTRAK 2 start kit is specially designed to track and manage your pets’ diabetes. As the first complete handheld blood glucose monitoring device for pets, the AlphaTRAK 2 is easy to use for all levels of users. Just follow simple steps in the manual to perform blood glucose testing. Simply collect the blood sample, insert the test strip, and wait for the results to appear on the display.

Find Everything You Need At ExpressMed

ExpressMed is an authorized retailer dedicated to bringing health and wellness to you. If you are looking for diabetes care products, you have found the right place. We provide you with your favorite health products, all in one place. With more than 80 years of experience, you can be sure that our products are of high quality. We have a wide selection of products from trusted brands at affordable prices. We provide fast shipping for your convenience. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

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