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Sku - 71594382
Sku - 71594382
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Prevail Bladder Control Pads are incontinence pads for women to wear with normal pants and underwear. Prevail Pads help women with any light leakage they may experience throughout the day. The unique design is small enough to be discreet for everyday wear. Plus, Prevail Bladder Control Pads use Odor Guard technology to neutralize any odors, adding piece of mind to your day. Onlookers will have no idea you're using an incontinence pad, as it should be.

In addition to being discreet, Prevail Bladder Control Pads aim to be comfortable. They have a QUICK WICK layer to wick moisture away from your skin and into the pad. Also, Prevail Bladder Pads have soft side shields to make sure fluid is trapped away; leaving you with a smooth feeling against your body. Each Prevail Bladder Pad is individually wrapped to ensure sterility of each pad.

Prevail Control Pads Features and Benefits

  • Odor Guard Technology
  • QUICK WICK Layer Increases Comfort
  • Discreet Design and Leakage Protection
  • Soft Sided Shield

Sizing Chart

MPN Size Length Absorbency Pack Quantity Case Quantity
PV-926 Regular 7-1/2 Inch Very Light 26 312
PV-930/2 Regular 9-1/4 Inch Light 30 90
BC-012 Regular 9-1/4 Inch Moderate 20 180
PV-916/1 Regular 11 Inch Maximum 48 192
PVX-120 Regular 16 Inch Overnight 30 120
PV-944/2 Long 8.35 Inch Very Light 44 176
BC-013 Long 11 Inch Moderate 16 144
PV-915/1 Long 13 Inch Maximum 39 156
Product TypeIncontinence
ManufacturerFirst Quality
Brand Prevail