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Sku - 15510598
Sku - 15510598
  • CLINICALLY SHOWN TO IMPROVE SWALLOWING SAFETY. This nutritional product is designed to significantly reduce the risk of aspiration among dysphagia patients compared to thin liquids
  • PROMISE OF CLEAR CONSISTENCY. Maintains a clear, not cloudy, appearance without forming lumps. The consistency remains appropriate and esthetically pleasing over time without over thickening
  • QUICK PREPARATION WITH ULTIMATE TASTE AND TEXTURE. This powder preparation thickens beverages in as soon as 5 minutes, while remaining tasteless and odorless, preserving the original flavor of liquids
  • LESS PRODUCT REQUIRED, MORE CONVENIENCE. A more concentrated formulation than starch-based thickeners allows using less powder to reach a desired consistency, meeting the requirements of National Dysphagia Diet standards
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS DIETARY REQUIREMENTS. Resource ThickenUp is lactose-free, gluten-free, and kosher, making it appropriate for individuals with dietary restrictions and ages 3 years and up
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    Boost your nutritional intake with the Nestle Resource ThickenUp. This food and beverage thickener is specially formulated for individuals struggling with swallowing difficulties, specifically dysphagia. The preparation is a blend of Maltodextrin, Xanthan Gum, and Potassium Chloride. It has been clinically shown to improve swallowing safety by reducing the risk of aspiration. The powder is unflavored, odorless, and lump-free, enabling users to mix it into their meals and drinks seamlessly. This product is suitable for everyone above 3 years old, making it a valuable nutrition boost for your whole family. It becomes ready to consume in a swift five minutes and retains its thick, clear consistency without any clumps.

  • Food and beverage thickener; aids those with swallowing difficulties
  • Active ingredients: Maltodextrin, Xanthan Gum, and Potassium Chloride
  • Individual packet container; easy and safe to use
  • Unflavored and odorless; blends smoothly with food and drinks
  • Nestle Resource brand; renowned for quality nutritional products
  • Recommended for users 3 years and up; promotes safe swallowing in dysphagia patients
  • Resource ThickenUp; clinically proven to improve swallowing safety
  • Consistency varies by preparation; customisable to individual needs
  • Nutrition support; ideal for lactose-free, gluten-free, and kosher diets
  • Quick preparation time; reaches desired thickness in just five minutes
  • SKU15510598
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