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Sku - 34008821
Sku - 34008821
  • READY-TO-USE ORAL SUPPLEMENT. Ideal for adults aiming to maintain or gain optimal weight, this supplement also serves as an excellent nutritional boost during recovery from surgery, injury or times of stress
  • HIGH PROTEIN, NO ADDED SUGAR. Designed to deliver more nutrition than water, juice or milk, it's a convenient way to supplement calories and protein without the extra sugar
  • DELICIOUS VANILLA FLAVOR. This supplement comes in a delectable vanilla flavor, making it a tasty choice to supplement regular meals or as a nutritious snack
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS. Made with a blend of beneficial ingredients including maltodextrin, canola oil, milk protein isolate, isolated soy protein and more, plus essential vitamins and minerals
  • CONVENIENT 32 OUNCE CARTON. Comes in a ready-to-use 32 ounce carton for convenience, ensuring a wholesome nutritional supplement is always within reach
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    Enhance your nutritional intake with the Med Pass 2.0 Hormel Oral Supplement. This ready-to-use formula delivers significant nourishment in a 32 oz. vanilla flavored carton, providing greater nutrition than regular water, juice, or milk. Crafted with multiple beneficial ingredients such as Maltodextrin, Canola Oil and Milk Protein Isolate, this oral supplement is ideal for adults seeking optimum weight maintenance, making it a reliable companion during recovery from surgical procedures or injuries. Its palatable texture strikes a balance between thickness and easy consumption, making it a suitable choice for additional calories and protein.

  • A valuable source of calories and protein
  • 32oz. carton with a ready-to-use formula
  • Appealing vanilla flavor
  • Excellent for maintaining optimal weight
  • Ideal during surgical recovery, injury or stress
  • Greater nutritional benefits than water, juice or milk
  • Thick but easy to consume texture
  • Suitable for adult usage
  • SKU34008821
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