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Sku - 64135047
Sku - 64135047
  • DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR SWALLOWING PROBLEMS. This product is tailored for individuals with dysphagia, aiding in adequate, smooth food and beverage intake
  • SMOOTH CONSISTENCY IN EVERY DISH. Active Instant Thickener Powder, when added to foods or beverages, creates a uniformly smooth consistency
  • VERSATILE AND CONVENIENT. This thickener works effectively in both hot and cold beverages and foods, providing flexibility in food and beverage preparations
  • DOES NOT ALTER TASTE. This corn-based, modified food starch thickener thickens without compromising taste, preserving the enjoyment of meals
  • SPECIALIZED FORMULATION. Will not over-thicken, ensuring food and beverages maintain a desirable, easy-to-swallow consistency
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    Elevate the solidity of your food and beverages with ease using the Active Instant Thickener Powder by ALOETOUCH. Housed within an 8-ounce can, this corn-based modified food starch modifies the consistency of your dishes without sacrificing taste. It's user-friendly, detailed for individuals with dysphagia, swiftly yielding a smooth texture for hot or cold items at any desired thickness. It ensures that neither over-thickening nor flavor alteration compromises your dining experience.

  • Caters to Nutrition and Food Thickeners need
  • Perfect for those with Dysphagia; eases swallowing
  • Usable for both hot and cold food or beverages
  • Provides desired consistency without over-thickening
  • Preserves the original taste of meals
  • Corn-based modified food starch; smooth texturing
  • Contained in a convenient 8-ounce can
  • ALOETOUCH branded -- synonymous with quality
  • SKU64135047
    Product TypeNutrition
    Brand Aloetouch
    Manufacturer SKUENT32208
    Variant MPN ENT32208
    Variant UPC 80196293806
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