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Sku - 58656806
Sku - 58656806
  • PROFESSIONAL LIGHT THERAPY AT HOME. The dpl ReVive employs a panel of 302 LED light for face, treating the full face in a single 8-minute session
  • MULTI-PURPOSE LED FACIAL SYSTEM. Red, amber and infrared lights reverse wrinkles, fine lines, age and sun spots, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation, while blue lights combat bacteria that cause acne and other skin conditions
  • FDA CLEARED AND MEDICALLY APPROVED. Based on scientific research by NASA and supported by our exclusive dpl technology, reVive Light Therapy ensures proven, safe and effective results
  • TARGETED PRACTICAL ACNE TREATMENT. UV-free light spectrums emitted by the device levels treat, regenerate and rejuvenate facial skin cells, promoting collagen and elastins production
  • LED LIGHT THERAPY FOR SKIN RECOVERY. Powerful IR lights support skin healing, minimizing damage caused by sun burn, bruising, cuts, and scrapes
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    Experience the revolutionary skincare solution with the ReVive Acne Light Therapy Panel System. Developed with advanced technology, this professional-grade system utilizes a powerful panel of 302 medical-grade LED lights to deliver a comprehensive acne treatment light across your entire face in just 8 minutes per session. Its specialized spectrum of IR, red, amber, and blue light combats both aging skin markers and stubborn acne, making it an effective red light therapy for face. Experience its LED facial capabilities as it masterfully reverses sun damage, fine lines, and age spots while reducing hyperpigmentation. Plus, its UV-free blue lights specifically target and eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Trust in this tool that draws on over 40 years of physician-prescribed methods and NASA research, now conveniently available for use in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule.

  • Comprehensive skin treatment using 302 medical-grade LED lights
  • Convenient full-face treatment in only 8 minutes
  • Utilizes IR, red, amber, and blue light for varied therapeutic benefits
  • LED light for face eliminates bacteria and lessens acne
  • Safe, UV-free technology
  • Developed from NASA research and medical-grade expertise
  • Easy at-home use on your preferred schedule
  • SKU58656806
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