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The Impacts Of Seasonal Changes On Your Diabetes Care Routine

The Impacts Of Seasonal Changes On Your Diabetes Care Routine

The Impacts Of Seasonal Changes On Your Diabetes Care Routine

For people with diabetes, factors such as seasonal changes and temperature fluctuations can pose several threats to the body's functioning and health. Changes in seasons often give rise to diabetic-related foot problems, elevated or low blood glucose levels, anemia, dehydration, and severe complications if not properly managed. Thus, as the season changes from warm to cold, diabetic patients often have to make necessary tweaks to their diabetes care routine while considering the prevailing weather condition. Read on to learn about the impacts of seasonal changes on your diabetes care routine and health tips you can follow.

Diabetes Care in the Summer

One of the challenges diabetes patients face during summertime is dehydration. Due to the increased heat this season, there’s a constant fluid loss in the body, which causes less blood to be transported through the kidneys, resulting in lower blood sugar levels.

Likewise, many people with diabetes experience complications such as nerve damage in the sweat glands, which causes difficulty regulating body temperature and may lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion during hot weather. Thus, as a diabetic patient, whether you're performing physical activities or resting at home, it is of utmost importance to look out for your hydration and blood glucose levels.

Below are summertime health tips you should include in your diabetes care routine:

  • Drink more fluids: Water is the best fluid option for people with diabetes. Reduce or avoid your intake of sugary sodas and energy drinks. You can instead substitute them for diet sodas, unsweetened ice tear, or juice with no sugar.
  • Avoid staying in hot or stuffy places for too long
  • Monitor yourself regularly: Make sure to test your blood sugar levels before and after exercise and look out for signs of dehydration. 
  • When in doubt about your symptoms or condition, visit the clinic or call your doctor. Ensure whomever you consult is informed of your diabetes status as a possible influence.

Diabetes Care in the Winter

During winter, it is more common for people to stay inside, under a thick warm blanket, than be active outside. However, the more sluggish you are, the slower your circulation becomes. For people with diabetes, slower circulation in the body can lead to severe complications in winter, such as chilblains. 

Another factor to consider during seasonal changes is the allergies that come with it. If you're susceptible to seasonal cold and flu during winter, there's a high chance these ailments will cause an increase in your blood sugar levels. What's more? Medications used to treat these allergies may raise blood glucose, heart rate, and blood pressure, making it more difficult to cope.

Include the following tips in your diabetes care routine to remain healthy during winter:

  • Prioritize healthy foods: Tweaking your diet can lessen the challenges you may experience during wintertime. Ensure to eat more antioxidant foods, including sweet potatoes, legumes, carrots, and berries, as they can stabilize your blood sugar and boost your immune system. 
  • Improve your exercise routine: Whether you choose home workouts or exercising at the gym, make a plan to engage in physical activities a few times a week.
  • Protect your body: Protect your arms and legs with warm, waterproof gloves or mittens, and wear comfy wool socks. Also, wear boots that are the right fit and size for you.

Managing Your Diabetes with ExpressMed

It's essential to look after your health during all seasons, maintain a solid diabetic care routine, and keep close tabs on your body. You can monitor your blood glucose with our Prodigy Autocode Blood Glucose Monitoring System and get enough nutrients for your diabetic care with a variety of health supplements available in-store. Our products include but are not limited to diabetic care products, diabetes accessories, and nutritional supplements. Contact us today to learn more about the products we offer!

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