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Differences between Insulin Pumps and Multiple Daily Injections.

Differences between Insulin Pumps and Multiple Daily Injections.

Differences between Insulin Pumps and Multiple Daily Injections.

It seems like nowadays, there’s a new gadget on the market every day! You see them on television commercials, social media ads, even listening to the radio. Technological advancements have gotten smarter over time, and the same can be said about those made in the diabetes community. This is especially true of insulin pumps and multiple daily injections!

When it comes to managing your diabetes, it’s important to highlight that there is no right or wrong way to do it. It all depends on your lifestyle, preferences, likes & dislikes, and of course, what YOU feel comfortable with! The beauty of technology is being able to find what works best for you. Today, we’re going to break down the differences between multiple daily injections (MDI) and insulin pumps - let’s get into it!


tandem insulin pumps
omnipod insulin pumps

Insulin pumps have come a long way! Nowadays, insulin pumps can almost act as a second "pancreas,” helping with decisions to control blood sugars, calculate carb counts, and administer boluses and long-acting insulin throughout the day.

Here are just some of the awesome choices available in insulin pump therapy:

  • Insulin pumps are great for people who want a streamlined experience. Pumps have the capability of saving multiple settings or profiles depending on what your lifestyle consists of. You can have profiles for when you're sick, exercising, sleeping, or for vacations/times where you might be experiencing a period of decreased activity levels (being on a plane or long car ride).
  • Insulin pumps are also very tech-savvy. Many pumps nowadays can communicate with CGMs to track your blood sugar readings and help make educated treatment decisions. These pumps can also help with more complex decisions such as:
    • Calculate suggested bolus doses based on the insulin-to-carb ratio settings within the pump.
    • Display an individual’s insulin on board to avoid stacking insulin.
    • Set alarms that serve as reminders to change the insulin reservoir, site placement, to eat, or to bolus insulin.
  • Nowadays, it’s also getting easier to “upgrade” pumps as many companies are making the switch to downloadable software updates. Just like your phone, you can download the newest software version when available and instantly have access to new features. How cool!
  • For those who feel comfortable with technology, an insulin pump is a great choice! In essence, it is very much like a “smart device” helping with your diabetes management. The technology allows for quicker responses to changes in blood sugars and an individualized approach to your diabetes management.


Multiple daily injections, or as it's commonly termed - MDI - is the use of injections to administer insulin. These daily injections can be done a number of ways:

  1. By use of one time use syringes
  2. Via reusable injection “pens”
multiple daily injection - insulin syringe
Insulin syringe
multiple daily injection - insulin pen
Insulin pen
  • There are multiple differences between using daily injections versus an insulin pump. One of the biggest being with MDI, there is an increased frequency of giving yourself injections.
  • However, the pros of using multiple daily injections are amazing too. For many individuals, it provides a lot of freedom within a person’s diabetes management. The speed of action of daily injections means you can easily correct your blood sugars or administer a bolus. This means you have greater freedom in adjustments in real-time, without changing settings on an insulin pump. Injections also allow freedom from a tethering device. The ease of carrying an insulin pump is great for those with a busy lifestyle and are constantly on the go!
  • Many people also choose the MDI route so as not to deal with technology. As great as it can be, it also sometimes proves difficulties in user-friendliness. Daily injections can be a calming, simple task and can be easy to control for many people living with diabetes.
  • And lastly, daily injections can be an amazing choice for those who may not be able to get their hands on a pump. An insulin pump is not necessary to have manageable and healthy control over your diabetes. You can still achieve the same outcomes with MDI as you would a pump, it’s all up to you!


No matter how you choose to go about managing your diabetes, it should make sense to YOU! Consult your health care provider and do your research when making a decision for what fits best with your lifestyle. While one thing may work for one person, it could be the complete opposite for someone else!

Stable and controlled diabetes management can be achieved with either insulin injections or pumps. Remember that user knowledge for both devices is equally as important to ensure safety! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your health care provider for further clarifications.

Don't forget to connect with us in the comments - what do you use and why? As always, make sure to keep up with our other posts here, happy reading!

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