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Sku - 37128120
Sku - 37128120
  • Premium overnight disposable absorbent underwear (sometimes called pull-on or pull-up diapers) are designed for maximum levels of incontinence (20 oz to 34 oz capacity varying by size) allowing wearer uninterrupted sleep or confidence during long airplane flights.
  • Pull-on style product with tear-away side seams for easy removal; available in six convenient sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large (XL), and 2X-Large (XXL).
  • Comfortable, breathable sides and a full-rise waist panel provide a snug fit; latex-free.
  • Guards (inner leg cuffs) channel fluids to the core to contain large voids and bowel, or fecal, incontinence.
  • Peach mat guarantee ensures skin dryness, reduces odor, neutralizes pH, and inhibits bacterial growth.
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    Tranquility® Premium OverNight™ Disposable Absorbent Underwear provide maximum capacity for uninterrupted sleep. Larger sizes hold over 1 qt of fluid. The peach core guarantees skin dryness, odor reduction and urine pH neutralization. Clothlike outer layer with breathable sides and an ample, full-rise waist panel provide a more proportioned fit. Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs) channel fluids into the core, helping to contain high-volume urge episodes and bowel incontinence. Tear-away side seams allow for easy removal. Blue leg elastics indicate overnight protection. Latex-free.

    Underwear Options

    Size Waist Size Capacity Pack Quantity Case Quantity
    X-Small 17 - 28 Inch 600 mL 22 88
    Small 22 - 36 Inch 600 mL 20 80
    Medium 34 - 48 Inch 1005 mL 18 72
    Large 44 - 54 Inch 1005 mL 16 64
    X-Large 48 - 66 Inch 1005 mL 14 56
    2X-Large 62 - 80 Inch 1005 mL 12 48

    How to Measure

    Meaure the widest part of your body (in inches) between the waist and the hip using a tape measure. This number will help you determine the product size you need.

    hip and waist measurements
    Product TypeIncontinence
    ManufacturerPrinciple Business Enterprises Inc.
    Brand Tranquility
    Manufacturer SKU2118