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Sku - 86638082
Sku - 86638082
  • ENHANCES SAFETY FOR SWALLOWING. Hormel THICK & EASY Instant Food and Beverage Thickener increases the consistency of food and drinks for safer swallowing, making it ideal for patients with dysphagia and other swallowing disorders
  • QUICK AND EASY PREPARATION. This food thickener effortlessly blends with hot and cold foods, liquids, and supplement drinks, attaining the desired consistency within one minute of mixing
  • UNFLAVORED AND VERSATILE. Presented in a 3.2 gram individual packet, this unflavored powder complements any dish or drink without altering the taste, offering optimal plate presentation with minimal effort
  • BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES. The thickener is fully digestible, stops thickening after one minute, retains consistency for the food or liquid's shelf life, and releases 98% of available fluid after consumption for normal hydration
  • SUITABLE AND ADAPTABLE FOR VARIOUS DIETS. It provides an optimal blend of thickeners, ensuring a clear, lump free dispersion; its limited calorie and carbohydrate content makes it adaptable to diverse dietary needs
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    Enjoy a safe and pleasant dining experience with the Thick & Easy Food and Beverage Thickener in a convenient 2 Gram individual packet. Aimed to aid individuals with swallowing disorders and dysphagia, the unflavored powder consistency maintains the taste and integrity of the food or beverage. Easily blendable, the Thick & Easy Thickener ensures a nourishing meal is within reach, turning your dietary restrictions into an appealing and luscious feast. Suitable for individuals aged 3 and above, this product batch features 100 servings, perfect for sustained use over a period.

  • Helps to create foods and beverages that are easy to swallow
  • Blends quickly and smoothly for a lump-free dispersion
  • Maintains consistency for the entire shelf life of food or liquid
  • Suitable for various diets with its limited calorie and carbohydrate content
  • Enables safer swallowing and better hydration
  • Ideal for ages 3 and up for versatile use
  • Effortlessly achieves appetizing presentation with pureed food consistency
  • Comes in an unflavored variant to sustain original taste of food/beverage
  • Individual 2 Gram Packets for convenient usage
  • Case of 100 packets for long term use
  • SKU86638082
    Product TypeNutrition
    Brand Thick & easy
    Manufacturer SKU72453
    Variant MPN 72453
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