MedAngel ONE Smart Temperature Sensor for Medication

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MedAngel ONE is the perfect companion for your medications. It’s easy-to-use, compact, and connects to your smartphone, allowing you to store and transport your medications at the right temperature. Keep your insulin and other temperature-sensitive medications safe when you travel and at home. 

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Many prescription drugs are temperature-sensitive, and lose their effectiveness if frozen or exposed to heat. MedAngel ONE is the guardian angel of your medications. It combines a medical grade wireless thermometer with an intuitive app to help you protect your medications. The thermometer is placed with your medications and continuously measures temperature and communicates with your phone. The app alerts you whenever temperatures approach or exceed the safe range. With MedAngel you don’t need to worry about your medications ever again. MedAngel ONE is FSA eligible. 


  • Built-in medications database – Simple select your medications from the list of approved EU and US medications like: Insulins, Humira, Multiple Sclerosis-Medications, Hormones, Epoetins, EpiPen and many more in the app. Safe temperatures are automatically set up. Select long term storage or short term carrying mode to get the right safe ranges for your use. 
  • Smart Alerts – A fridge left open or a hot summer day? MedAngel triggers an alarm if it gets critical. The app warns you whenever temperature approaches or exceeds safe range limits. This can be a simple reminder to check the fridge door or move a bag out of the sun. 
  • Comprehensive history – See exactly what happened with your medications over the last 30 days in timeline view.
  • Safety and insights – Has it gone bad? Is it still OK to use? So many variables come into play in your health: food, physical activity, mood, even weather - don't let your medicine be one of them. MedAngel helps you to have the full picture about your medication.
  • Long lifetime – The MedAngel ONE sensor is powered by a standard replaceable lithium-Ion CR2032 coin cell battery which lasts for 8-9 months. Simply replace it yourself and make your sensor last for years. The app will notifiy you when you need a new battery.
  • Waterproof design – MedAngel ONE can be used in refrigerators and in medical coolbags.

-Temperature measurement range: -25°C – 60°C / -13°F – 140°F
-Measurement accuracy: +-0.5°C
-Size: 1.65" x 1.02" x 0.33"
-Waterproof until 20m
-Bluetooth Smart connection (line-of-sight range 30m – 200m)
-Technical requirements: Android device with Android 5.1 or higher, iPhone/iPad running iOS 10 or higher
-Reports in Fahrenheit or Celsius

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SKU 90648138
Is Digital Digital
Batteries Included Yes
Size One Size
Color White
Count 1
Product Type Thermometer
Manufacturer Med Angel B.V.
Brand MedAngel
FSA Eligible Yes
Customer Questions
Is the mobile app free?

Yes, the mobile app is free and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

How many sensors do I need?

Most of our insulin users, for example, have two sensors: one for their insulin in use, that they carry around with them during the day, and one for their stock in the fridge at home. You might want to use only one sensor to put with your medications...

Can I track multiple medications with one sensor?

The MedAngel sensor continuously measures temperature and is kept with the medications you want to monitor. If you are keeping multiple medications in one place, like your fridge, it makes sense to select and attribute them to one sensor in the app. The MedAngelONE app will give you medication-based notifications, so if the temperature is critical for one of your medications but not for the others, you will only get an alert for that particular one.

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