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Sku - 47670745
Sku - 47670745
  • READY-TO-SERVE HONEY CONSISTENCY. THICK & EASY Cranberry Thickened Beverage is pre-thickened and designed to be quickly and easily served to patients with dysphagia or distinct swallowing disorders
  • ENJOY NUTRITION WITH EASE. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, each 4-ounce serving comes in an easy-to-open portion cup, minimizing spills and providing convenience
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY. THICK & EASY offers reliable consistency with every serving, ensuring 98% fluid release after consumption
  • MEET YOUR DAILY VITAMIN C REQUIREMENT. Each serving size provides the full recommended daily requirement for Vitamin C, effectively contributing to overall health
  • SAFE AND CONVENIENT PACKAGING. Available in a 24 count, each 4-ounce portion cup is easy to handle, ready to use, and ensures prolonged shelf life of 9 months unopened
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