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What Are PostOp Nutritional Drinks?

While the common procedure is for the patient to fast before the operation, the latest surgical guidelines have shown that it would be beneficial to consume nutrition in a pre and post-op nutritional drink. According to some of the latest research, nutrition is critical to help patients to recover more efficiently and regain their normal bodily functions after undergoing surgery. PostOp Nutritional Drinks is a simple and easy way for patients to consume some of those nutrients without eating whole foods.

A patient can experience stress and trauma while undergoing surgery, and this can result in a loss of muscle mass and weight and can lead to stunted wound healing, complications, and inflammation such as infection. Therefore, PostOp Nutritional Drinks are usually infused with arginine, fatty acids, proteins, and certain types of carbohydrates to boost the patient’s immune system and speed up healing.

Carbohydrate-loading in PostOp Nutritional drinks have also been proven to reduce thirst, hunger, insulin resistance, feelings of nausea, anxiety, and will reduce the patient’s length of stay in the hospital. Without sufficient nutrition, the body will be unable to regenerate and repair blood vessels, tissues, and wounds. These are complex activities that can cause complications, which result in slower postop recovery and muscle tissue.

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