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What Are High Fiber Nutritional Drinks?

The human diet requires two types of fibers - insoluble and soluble fibers. When combined with water, the soluble fibers become a gel-like texture, and bacteria in the colon ferment it. In contrast, insoluble fibers will pass through the digestive system with no change in texture and consistency, while absorbing water. These are essential in a human diet as they aid in digestion, and are incorporated into many nutritional drinks to help individuals supplement their diet.

High fiber nutritional drinks come in many different consistencies and forms and are usually premixed and ready to drink. They are used as a nutritional supplement for those who require more fiber in their diets to alleviate constipation (caused by lack of fiber) and can also help in weight loss. These drinks are designed to meet an individual’s need for fiber quickly without the need to ingest a high quantity of fiber-rich foods.

This is particularly important for diabetic patients to increase their insulin sensitivity, and has been shown to control blood sugar as it slows down the absorption of glucose and lowers cholesterol levels. These fibers are also important in helping pre-diabetic individuals reduce the risk of becoming diabetic. Additionally, as the nutritional drinks are high in fiber, they can be more filling, which is ideal in weight loss supplements as this helps the person stay satisfied longer while having fewer calories.

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