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Best Sellers

Adaptic 2015 NonAdhering Dressing Gauze 3 X 8 Inch Sterile. Case of 144

ADAPTIC 3 x 8 Inch Dressings are manufactured by Systagenix and used for wound care. Adaptic Dressings are Non-Adhering Dressings that are patient friendly. These absorbent dressing wick exudate away...
$148.49 $114.20
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Adaptic Non-Adherent Dressing: 50 Count, 3" x 3"

Features: Non-adherent to prevent dressing from sticking to wounds Made from knitted cellulose acetate, impregnated with petrolatum emulsion Exudate easily passes through to the absorbent dressing Can be cut or...
$33.15 $25.02
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Bioclusive Plus Transparent Film Dressing, 4" x 43/4", 50 Pack

Systagenix Wound Management Bioclusive Plus Transparent Film Dressing 4" x 4-3/4", Polyurethane Film, Sterile, Waterproof Bioclusive Plus Transparent Film Dressing is a self-adhesive dressing consisting of a transparent semi-permeable polyurethane...
$99.49 $71.65
Best Sellers

Fibracol 2982 Collagen Dressing. Box of 12

Features: Combines the structural support of collagen with the exudate management of alginate This combination provides the versatility needed when addressing a variety of wound types and a widerange of...
$157.15 $121.14
Best Sellers

Promogran PG004 Collagen Dressing. Box of 10

Features: Promogran consists of a sterile, freeze dried matrix composed of collagen and oxidised regenerated cellulose (ORC), formed into a sheet approximately 3mm thick cut into hexagonal pieces The matrix...
$173.49 $133.40
Best Sellers

Promogran Prisma Matrix MA028 Collagen Dressing with Silver 1 Each

Features In the presence of exudate, PROMOGRAN PRISMA Matrix transforms into a soft, conformable, biodegradable gel, allowing contact with all areas of the wound Comprised of a sterile, freeze dried...
$23.99 $17.99
Alginate Dressings

Silvercel 900112 NonAdherent Dressing, 1 Dressing

The Systagenix Silvercel 1" X 12" Rope Non Adherent Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing is perfect to manage wounds that may have been contaminated or are at risk of infection. - 1...
$18.49 $13.49
Alginate Dressings

Silvercel Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing: 5 Count, 4" x 8"

Systagenix Wound Management Silvercel Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing 4" x 8", Sterile, Adhesive, Box of 5 Combining broad-spectrum antimicrobial action with bacterial toxin management and odor control, dressings may help reduce...
$165.99 $126.94