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Ostomy Supplies

Brava 120700 Barrier Strip, 1 Each

Brava Elastic Barrier Strips are created to stick around the edges of your barrier. For full security, it is suggested to use two strips. Size: 5-1/2 inches long. 1 Each....
$3.99 $1.96
Adhesive Remover

Brava Adhesive Remover Spray: 1 Count, 1.7 oz

Features: Gentle and sting-free. Removes adhesive residue completely and empties to the last drop. 1.7 oz Bottle, 1 Count Spray can
$19.49 $14.29
Ostomy Accessories

Brava Adjustable Ostomy Belt, 43-1/3", 1 Count

Adjustable Ostomy Belt 43-1/3" long, latex, elastic. An ostomy belt is used to give extra support to the base plate to keep the ostomy appliance in place. A belt can...
$9.99 $6.84
Ostomy Supplies

Brava Elastic Barrier Strips: 20 Count, Straight

Coloplast Brava Elastic Barrier Strip Straight, Latex-Free, Box of 20 Skin-Friendly Brava Elastic Barrier Strips are designed to prevent the edges of the barrier from lifting and to keep your...
$42.49 $32.20
Ostomy Accessories

Brava Lubricating Deodorant: 1 Count, 8 oz

Coloplast Brava Lubricating Deodorant 8 oz. Bottle. Helps you be discreet and helps give peace of mind by fighting odor. Prevents pouch from getting stuck together, and helps avoid pancaking....
$21.99 $16.51
Ostomy Pastes & Rings

Brava Moldable Ring: 10 Count, 2.0 mm

Features: Designed to be durable and secure - Used to fill in uneven skin surfaces and protect the skin. Provides a tight seal around the stoma. Absorbs moisture without breaking...
$60.15 $46.08
Ostomy Pastes & Rings

Brava Moldable Ring: 10 Count, 4.2 mm

Features: Absorbs moisture (e.g. very liquid output) without breaking down. Provides a tight seal around the stoma. Easy-to-handle, mold, and apply. Ideal for ileostomates and urostomates. Alcohol-free. Fills uneven skin...
$60.15 $46.08
Ostomy Pastes & Rings

Brava Ostomy Paste 2 oz Tube

Coloplast Brava Ostomy Paste with Pectin 2 oz, Sting-free, Low Alcohol, latex-free, 1 Each. Sting-free protection against leakage. Alcohol free Brava Paste fills folds and creases to maintain a tight...
$14.99 $10.82
Ostomy Skin Care

Brava Protective Sheet: Skin Barrier, 10 Count, 4" x 4"

The Brava Protective Sheet is a skin-friendly product to be used under the ostomy barrier. It absorbs moisture and thereby minimizes the risk of maceration of the skin. It provides...
$26.99 $19.98
Ostomy Supplies

Brava Skin Barrier Protective Sheets 6 x 6in, Box of 5

Brava Stoma Skin Protective Sheet Hydrocolloid skin barrier that protects the skin from stoma output. Offers effective protection for peristomal skin and 3-way stretch. Provides a ready surface for good...
$47.99 $35.85
Ostomy Supplies

Brava Skin Barrier Protective Sheets Box of 5

The Brava Protective Sheet is a skin-friendly product to be used under the ostomy barrier. This product is a hydrocolloid skin barrier that protects the skin from stoma output, and...
$75.99 $57.67
Ostomy Accessories

Brava Skin Barrier Spray, 1.7 oz. Can, Alcohol-free, 1 Count

Silicone-based product with no alcohol for a sting-free application Provides a thin protective layer to protect the skin against stoma output and strong adhesives Dries within seconds.
$17.49 $13.17
Ostomy Supplies

Brava Skin Barrier Wipe, Sting-Free, Alcohol-Free, Silicone-Based Box of 30

Brava Skin Barrier Brava Skin Barrier film provides protection from problems associated with leakage and adhesives without affecting the adhesion of the barrier. Sting-free. Dries within seconds and does not...
$25.99 $18.93
Adhesives & Removers

Coloplast Brava Adhesive Remover Wipes: 30 Count

Coloplast Brava Adhesive Remover Wipes. Silicone-based products that dissolve residual skin barrier adhesive. Easy removal of adhesives. Dry within seconds. Alcohol-free, silicone-based, sting-free. Used to gently remove adhesive residues left...
$21.49 $16.49
Ostomy Supplies

Coloplast Corp Brava Elastic Barrier Strips: 5-1/2", 20 Count

Features: Brava Elastic Barrier Strips, 5 1/2" Strips. Skin-friendly strips provide extra security and support longer wear-time. Elastic follows the contours of your body. Ensures the position of your barrier...
$40.49 $30.45
Ostomy Accessories

Coloplast Corp Brava Strip Paste: 10 Count

Used to fill deeper cavities and folds around the stoma, creating an even skin surface Absorbs moisture and improves the peristomal skin area The paste must be applied on clean,...
$16.99 $11.97
Ostomy Supplies

Skin Barrier Brava Less than 1 1/8" BX/10

The Brava Protective Seal has a new polymer formulation that is designed to protect against leakage and protect the skin, thereby providing dual protection. It is easy to shape so...
$53.49 $40.46