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Blood ketone meters are medical instruments that enable you to check for ketone levels in your body. Whenever our bodies need to metabolize fat for energy, our liver releases these substances. All of us produce ketones, which typically pose no health risks. If you are diabetic, however, excessive ketone levels can result...

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A Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is a piece of wearable equipment for diabetics that simplifies the process of monitoring blood glucose levels over time. When you wear the device, it continuously monitors your blood glucose levels to tell you when your body requires insulin and the amount you require. If you...

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If you have just started using an ostomy pouch, the process of changing it can be overwhelming. Here, we’ve put together a guideline that breaks the process down into more manageable steps.  Step 1. Wash your hands. Step 2. Lay out your ostomy supplies so that they are all within...

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