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Incontinence Product Buying Guides

Incontinence Product Buying Guides

Feeling uncomfortable in one's own clothes is never a pleasant experience. This is an especially important factor to consider when shopping for incontinence supplies like bladder control pads, briefs, and pants. Not only is it inconvenient to have to return a product because it is the wrong size, but the wrong size can also cause skin irritation, odor problems, and even abrasions if it rubs against the skin too much. Find below an incontinence product buying guide, offering some suggestions for selecting the most appropriate incontinence product, as well as some fundamental data on the significance of product types, quality, size, and adjusting frequency.

Assess Personal Situation

An accurate assessment and evaluation of the user’s circumstances and needs, as well as a tailored care plan, are essential for effective incontinence management. In doing so, you will be able to zoom in on the best incontinence products for them and build precise plans for providing care. The results of such an evaluation will also provide useful information about how often and when the person should change clothes and go to the bathroom.

Types of Product

When making a purchase, you should think about the person's specific needs. The appropriate product choice can not only improve the user’s quality of life but also save you time and effort.

  • Products with belts are convenient for caregivers to handle and change, while also being ideal for a wide range of body shapes and sizes, making them suitable for use by people who are bedridden.
  • A pant-style product may be preferable for people who are mobile enough to use the toilet on their own since it allows them to do so with respect for their own privacy and autonomy.

Different Sizes

Proper measuring and size are crucial for effective care no matter the type of incontinence a patient is experiencing. Taking a person's waist and hip measurements can tell you which size is most likely to fit them comfortably.

Absorption Capacity

Leakage can vary with time of day, fluid intake, diuretic use, and pad changing frequency, therefore it is important to choose a product based on its absorption capability.

Think about how easy it is for you to get to the bathroom when calculating the required absorption capacity. Be sure that everything feasible is being done to assist the user in getting to the bathroom when necessary. Note that incontinence aids are not meant to be used in place of regular bathroom visits.

Product Quality

The incontinence product's size and absorbency level are not the only things that matter. The following factors are equally essential:

  • Guarantees a pleasant wearing experience
  • Made from a comfortable, skin-friendly fabric
  • A waterproof barrier that prevents moisture loss from the skin
  • Helps keep skin healthy by allowing air to circulate
  • Eliminates any lingering odors

Optimal Fitting and Frequency of Changing

Make sure the incontinence product fits snugly in the groin and can be fastened securely. This will save the user from experiencing any leaking, chafing, or irritation.

As your evaluation has revealed, the frequency with which a certain product should be replaced is reliant on the person’s specific requirements. A person with sensitive skin or bowel incontinence, for instance, must change more frequently than someone with good skin and mobility concerns.

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