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Impotence Products Buying Guides

Impotence Products Buying Guides

Majority of men have a hard time settling on a single penis pump style to buy because of the wide options available today in the market. When looking for your first vacuum erection pump, we have compiled some tips to share with you in our impotence products buying guide so you can make a well-informed choice and find one that works best for your individual needs.

Use of a Penis Pump

A penis pump aids in achieving and keeping an erection for a man. This is accomplished via the device's ability to generate a vacuum surrounding the penis, which in turn increases blood return to the organ. A man can wear a constriction ring once he is erect, at the base of his penis. This supports the prevention of blood loss, thus maintaining an erection for much longer.

Manual vs. Battery-Operated

A man must decide early on whether he prefers a battery-operated or hand-cranked pump. Pressing a button activates battery-powered pumps. The suction process will not begin until the skin is sealed off from the pump cylinder.

Pumps that require manual operation require the user to manually turn the pump on and off. Methods of accomplishing this task will vary depending on the manufacturer. Some models are run by pressing in a circular plunger at the cylinder's end. Squeezing a lever on other models’ ergonomic hand grip will activate the device. You can explore your options with either a battery-powered or manually-controlled pump to find the one you feel more comfortable with. Battery-operated pumps are usually much more costly as compared to manual models.

Luxury vs. Economical

Many buyers are curious about the quality difference between the higher- and lower-priced pumps. A point to note, regardless of the pump model, government regulations set the suction levels for all pumps. It is possible, though, that certain pumps will provide a more secure seal between the cylinder and the user's flesh thus delivering optimal results at a faster rate. For a more secure and pleasant fit, some pumps have a rounded edge that rests gently against the skin. If you are looking at achieving optimal comfort in each use, it is recommended to invest a little more in a high-end penis pump model. Even so, there are also various more affordable types of penis pumps that are still relatively user-friendly.

Warranty Coverage

When shopping for a penis pump, it is equally crucial to look over the warranty coverage you are getting as much as you are considering its functionality and price. If you are using one for therapy, you would use them regularly so long-term coverage is essential. When the cylinder of a well-warranted pump splits after more than 10 years of use, the company will replace it at no cost to the owner. For other pumps that are not as well-warranted, your device will only be covered for over a year or part thereof. Most low-cost penis pumps do not even provide any warranty coverage. Hence, any damage due to usage will require a replacement which needs to be covered by you.

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