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Hospital Bed Products Buying Guides

Hospital Bed Products Buying Guides

It is not cheap to buy a hospital bed and mattress for use at home. You or your loved one deserve the assurance that the item you are about to buy is suitable for your or their needs before making such a significant investment. When shopping for a hospital bed, it can be confusing to try to determine which of the numerous available features will actually be useful, and which will just add extra hassle. Therefore, we have developed a hospital bed products buying guide to assist in navigating the numerous factors that should be taken into account when shopping for a hospital bed and/or mattress.

Duration of Bed Use

Most often, the bed frame is what separates beds intended for short and long-term use. You might think about getting a cheap bed if you will only be using it for a limited time. Beds with springs are comfortable in the short term, but they wear out quickly in the long run. Some beds, however, have metal slats or even a solid deck, which will last significantly longer. Depending on your personal needs, consider this factor to choose the right type of bed.

Adjustments of Bed

One possible use for a manual bed is for patients who must remain in one location throughout the night. You should look into this factor before purchasing a semi-electric or full-electric bed due to the significant price difference between the two.

To adjust a manual bed, however, you will need to use some strength. A hand crank is used for the adjustments. Consequently, a semi-electric or electric bed is preferable if the patient lacks the strength to make the adjustment themselves or if they do not have someone to help them. If your patient requires regular bed adjustments or you cannot assist them, a full-electric bed may be the best option.

Caregiver Support

The caregiver's experience with handling a hospital bed can be enhanced by various design elements. There are hi-lo and full-electric control options among them.

  • Hi-Lo

The height and depth range of a hi-lo bed is expanded in comparison to standard hospital beds. Caregivers will appreciate the increased height because they will not have to stoop quite as far to do tasks like transferring the patient. In addition, the high rise is perfect for self-sufficient patients who are able to make their own beds. Using the bed's low setting also makes getting in and out of bed a breeze. In order to get in and out of bed without difficulty, simply lower the bed.

  • Full-Electric

With a full electric bed, you will not have to lift a finger to modify the height of the head or foot of the bed. Patients can make minor adjustments to their position in the bed on their own with the use of these beds, reducing their need for constant assistance. Full-electric beds are built to last since they use a cable and pulley system instead of a standard spring system. The purchase price of a semi-electric bed is lower than that of a fully electric bed, but the height of the bed will still need to be adjusted by hand which needs some strength.

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