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Compression Therapy Product Buying Guides

Compression Therapy Product Buying Guides

Compression therapy can be administered in numerous forms, from compression socks to compression bandages and more, each of which provides a unique level of compression. While it is recommended that users visit a medical practitioner before deciding on a compression level, we have put together a compression therapy product buying guide to help customers access crucial information that can help give them a better understanding of what would be best when picking out certain items.

What Are Compression Therapy Products?

The lower legs, ankles, and feet can benefit greatly from increased blood flow thanks to compression therapy. Conditions like chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins, both of which are linked to poor circulation, can be alleviated with this treatment, as can the accompanying discomfort and swelling. Only people with severe forms of chronic venous illness should use compression therapy products. Leg injury, leg surgery, severe weight gain, obesity, inactivity, and blood clots are just a few of the ailments that benefit most from compression therapy despite the fact that chronic venous disorders might have many causes.

Types of Compression Therapy Products

  • Compression sleeves

  • Compression socks

  • Compression bandages

  • Compression wraps

How to Choose Suitable Compression Therapy Products?

  • Compression Sleeves

When possible, opt for compression sleeves constructed from breathable materials. They will keep your skin warmer and dry while cutting down on perspiration and odor. This will make you feel more at ease while exercising and will also extend the life of your sleeves by reducing the number of times you need to wash them.

  • Compression Socks

Depending on the level of pressure desired, compression socks will range in mmHg (millimeters of mercury). Narrow but not unbearably so is the ideal fit for compression socks. If you need to be on your feet all day for work, mild compression with lower numbers should suffice. If you want to avoid deep vein thrombosis, you need compression levels that are much greater and feel much more snug.

  • Compression Bandages

When an injury or sore spot needs extra pressure, a compression bandage comes in handy. By preventing the further collection of fluid at the location of the injury, they aid in reducing swelling. Compression bandages are pretty straightforward to choose. You just need to select the type of material and the length that you need to wrap around your wound fully. If manually wrapping around the injury sounds like a hassle, you can opt for compression wraps instead.

  • Compression Wraps

Though compression stockings tend to get more attention, compression wraps have the same therapeutic effect with the added convenience of being simpler for patients to don and readjust. An effective method of applying compression therapy, a compression wrap consists of a brace-like wrap of thick fabric held together by a series of hook-and-loop straps. Compression wraps are similar to short-stretch bandages in that both are constructed from substantial cloth that does not expand much when tension is applied. Compression wraps can be found in a wide range of sizes, lengths, and widths, allowing for individualized compression therapy based on the user's needs and the body region being treated.

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