Exam gloves are used to preserve cleanliness and sterility in any medical situation. Exam gloves protect the wearer from the spread of infection, chemicals, or any other dangerous substances. You should use medical exam gloves when your hands may touch another person's bodily fluids.

Expressmed carries a variety of gloves to make sure you choose the exam gloves that are best serving your purpose.

In order to get the best gloves for your needs you must decide what material is best for you. The three main materials for exam gloves are latex, vinyl, or nitrile.

Latex gloves are the gloves of choice in most exam rooms. They are highly durable and have the best fit of all the glove choices. However, there is a small percentage of nurses and caretakers who have latex allergies. For this population, a vinyl or nitrile glove would be the better choice.

Vinyl gloves are the most economically choice for exam gloves and great for single-use situations. Vinyl gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are free of latex and rubber materials. They are soft and comfortable gloves that are great for home, hospital, or office cleaning.

Nitrile gloves are the highest protection barrier of our exam gloves. They are made of a rubber that resembles latex but has greater puncture and chemical resistance. Nitrile gloves are great when dealing with hazardous materials and chemicals.

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