Living with incontinence problems can be uncomfortable and frustrating. At ExpressMed, we want to make sure you find exactly what you need to live a more comfortable life at an affordable price.

ExpressMed has incontinence products ranging from underpads and bedpads to briefs and protective underwear. We offer a wide variety of absorbency levels and fits so you find the perfect product for your needs.

Typically, the first line of defense against incontinence is an absorbent pad or underwear liner. These products are great for light incontinence problems and come in a small, discreet design that fits nicely inside the wearer's normal underwear. If you are looking for something more protective, briefs, or protective underwear offer optimum coverage for increased confidence and security. Briefs are offered in pull-up styles or have adjustable side tabs. Another great way to get protection is bed or furniture pads to protect your furniture and linens.

Not all incontinence products are the same, so the decision will depend on the amount of absorption needed, whether the user is female or male, and other factors.

Check out all the products we offer to find what works best for you! Don't forget to enjoy our Blog: Incontinence 101!