Medical tape sometimes referred to as surgical tape, is an adhesive tape used in first aid and medicine to protect wounds by bonding a bandage or transparent dressing to the skin's surface. Medical tape secures the dressing to the wound without damaging the skin during removal.

Medical tape usually is porous, which allows air to pass through the tape and reach your skin. Breathable medical tape, like cloth tape or sports tape, is generally made out of cotton or polyester. Paper tape is typically white and contains zinc oxide. Zinc oxide, more commonly known as Calamine, helps prevent infections including Staphylococcus Aures (staph infection).

One of the common side effects when using medical tape is an allergic reaction caused by sensitive skin. Here at ExpressMed, we offer various hypoallergenic medical tapes to reduce redness and swelling associated with an allergic reaction. We also offer foam tape, silk tape, waterproof tape, and elastic tape to satisfy whatever your needs may be.