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Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Elastomull 02088000 Conforming Bandage, Pack of 24

Elastomull offers your patient a precise fit that will last even in areas where there is constant movement, such as the elbow or knee. It offers superior performance and stretchability...
$11.49 $8.21
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Cover-Roll 02035 Retention Bandage 1 Each

Retention Bandage Cover-Roll Adhesive 4" x 10 Yards Features: Replaces surgical tape Versatile, may be cut to size to secure virtually any dressing Air and exudate permeable Adheres well even...
$29.99 $22.61
Discount Eligible

Hollister Vertical Drain/Tube Attachment Device, Fits 5 fr to 40 fr

Vertical Drain/Tube Attachment Device Fits 5 fr to 40 fr manufactured by Hollister Inc., is a drain or tube attachment device with a synthetic skin barrier that secures a wide...
$14.99 $10.99
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Coverlet 01390 Adhesive Bandage, Box of 100

Latex-free Coverlet Fabric Adhesive Bandages are made to absorb liquid fast -- faster than any of the competitors tested. Featuring an extra-large wound pad capable of absorbing 10 times its...
$15.99 $11.73
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Jobst 01053 Unna Boot Gelocast 4 Inch X 10 Yard Cotton NonSterile. 1 count

Gelocast Unna Boot 4 Inch X 10 Yard Cotton NonSterile. Features: Gelocast the original Unna's boot is impregnated with zinc oxide and calamine to soothe irritated skin The non-raveling gauze...
$15.99 $11.85
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Gelocast 01052 Unna Boot Dressing 1 Each

BSN Jobst Gelocast Unna Boot Dressing 3" x 10 yds, Non-sterile BSN Jobst Gelocast Unna Boot Dressing is a non-raveling gauze bandage that provides gradient compression therapy for the management...
$14.99 $10.65
Discount Eligible

Hollister Retracted Penis Pouch, 7 1/2" L x 4 1/2" W, Box of 10

Retracted Penis Pouch with Cut-to-Fit SoftFlex Skin Barrier 7-1/2", manufactured by Hollister Inc., is 7 1/2" L x 4-1/2" W in size. This pouch is Cut-to-Fit, with a transparent appearance....
$117.99 $89.78
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Elastomull 02071001 Conforming Bandage. Box 12

Elastomull BSN Jobst is a flexible, stretchable and comfortable bandage that stays where you put it. Precision fit that lasts even in areas where there is constant movement. It provides...
$21.99 $15.86
Discount Eligible

Coloplast Freedom Cath, 28mm Medium, Self-Adhering Male External Condom Catheter Soft Latex, Pack of 30

Coloplast Freedom Cath – Soft Latex Male External Condom Catheter (Everyday) is the original one-piece, self-adhering, male external catheter for standard everyday use. This condom catheter comes with a watertight...
$63.49 $48.30
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Dermacea Abdominal Pad, Nonwoven Fluff, 8 X 10 Inch Rectangle, Sterile, Pack of 18

Dermacea Abdominal Pads (ABD) by Covidien is an abdominal gauze pad used in wound care. Dermacea Abdominal Pads are designed for maximum absorbency and comfort. All four edges of this...
$8.99 $5.82
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Hartmann 60074 Incontinence Liner, Pack of 30

Features -Elastic side gathers for leakage reduction -Larger surface area than bladder pads -Superabsorbent polymer for dryness and odor control -Contoured shape for comfort -May be worn with spartan waterproof...
$15.49 $11.49
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Cutimed 7266201 Sorbact Wound Dressing, 1 Dressing

Cutimed Sorbact wound contact layer dressing has been proven successful as a non-medicated treatment of colonized and infected wounds with microbe binding action. Instead of using chemically active agents, it...
$10.49 $7.39
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

JOBST 7266103 3 Layer Compression Bandage System. Pack of 3

Comprifore Lite LF 3-Layer Compression Bandaging System for Reduced Compression, Latex-free Provides effective levels of sustained graduated compression. Provides built in safety and ease of application. Insures compliance and maximum...
$24.99 $18.56
Adult Briefs & Protective UnderwearDiscount Eligible

Dignity 30074 Briefmates Super Guards Pack of 30

Features: Dignity BriefMates Super Absorbent Guards have soft, cloth-like feel. Super-absorbent core holds in moisture and neutralizes odor. Elastic side gathers to reduce leakage. More surface area than bladder pads....
Adult Briefs & Protective UnderwearDiscount Eligible

Sani-Pant 855L Lite Moisture-proof Pull-on Brief with Breathable Panel Large. 1 count

This is moisture-proof brief designed to hold absorbent pads, panties diapers. Made of soft, white plastic-coated nylon. Latex-free. Designed to hold absorbent pads, panties or diapers. Made of soft, white...
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

CareFor 1997 Underpad. 1 count

Underpad with Wings CareFor Deluxe 32 X 36 Inch Reusable Polyester / Rayon Heavy Absorbency Features: Designed to control and absorb liquids The quilted design and three-layer construction will not...
$40.99 $30.13
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Guardian G30757W Easy Care Adult Folding Walker 1 Each

Folds to 4" for ease of transport and storage. Foot piece silencer provides quiet adjustment and rattle-free use. Numbered, foot piece adjustment holes provide ease of adjustment. 8 adjustment holes...
$62.99 $47.57
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Sur-Fit Natura 401504 Colostomy Pouch 1 each

Features Odor-barrier/quiet film 2 tail closures included Two piece systems do not come with barrier
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Esteem Synergy Cut-to-Fit Stomahesive Skin Barrier, Box of 10

The Esteem synergy® ostomy system features an innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology™. Instead of plastic rings, a patented foam adhesive allows the pouch to be securely attached to the skin barrier...
$59.44 - $65.27 6 options available
Discount EligibleHome Health Care

Esteem Synergy Urostomy Pouch, AccuSeal Tap with Valve, Box of 10

The Esteem synergy® ostomy system utilizes an innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology™ that connects the pouch to the skin barrier and eliminates the need for plastic rings that must be snapped...
$51.61 - $56.81 8 options available