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Acticoat 66800406 Flex 3 Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing with Silcryst Nanocrystals. Box of 12

Short term dermal abrasions may only need a short term barrier dressing in order to heal properly. Smith and Nephew's Acticoat Flex 3-Day Dressing contains nanocrystalline silver, covering and protecting...
$192.99 $147.98
Discount Eligible

Acticoat 7, 20141 Silver Dressing Box of 5

Features: Acticoat 7 is an effective barrier to a broad spectrum of wound micro organisms. Acticoat kills bacteria in vitro in as little as 30 minutes, 2-5 times faster than...
$161.15 $124.09
Alginate Dressings

AlgiSite 59480100 Calcium Alginate Dressing. Box of 10

Algisite M Calcium Alginate Dressing, by Smith & Nephew, is a calcium-alginate-based wound dressing which heals by forming a soft gel that absorbs upon coming into contact with wound exudate....
$26.15 $20.16<