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Discount EligiblePatient Care Products

Alpine 68004 Straight Port Leg Bag, 1 Count

Alpine Reusable Latex Leg Bag is a durable leg bag for catheterization patients, which provides optimum comfort and discretion for those with active lifestyles. It features a unique two layer...

Bedside-Care Body Wash, Foaming, 8 oz. Pump Bottle, Unscented, Pack of 2

Coloplast Bedside-Care Foam is a no-rinse formula designed for personal hygiene when patient is non-ambulatory. The no-rinse formula creates a convenient way to clean the entire body without requiring water....
$25.49 $19.20
Discount Eligible

Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath Wipe Case of 900, Scented

Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath Wipe provides a sudsy bath without the basin. The no-rinse, self-foaming, gentle, and disposable washcloth can be used for all-body cleansing. Great for bedside bathing, am/pm cleanup,...
$390.99 $299.86
Discount Eligible

Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath Wipes Soft Scented Pack of 30

When in need of a personal body cleaning routine that is easy to perform, time saving, possibly physically necessary, and still effective at maintaining hygiene, then Bedside-Care EasiCleanse bathing wipes...
$15.49 $11.39
Discount Eligible

Brava Lubricating Deodorant: 20 Count, 0.25 oz

Brava Lubricating Deodorant is a great solution to help control ostomy bag smell, leaking or fall-off. This lubricating deodorant helps to neutralize odor in the pouch. It also helps prevent...
$18.99 $13.60
Collagen Dressings

Coloplast 1166 Woun'dres Collagen Hydrogel Dressing 1 oz Tube 1 Each

Woun'Dres Gel keeps wounds at just the right moisture level to help them heal as quickly as possible. It is an excellent Hydrogel for nearly any type of wound that...
$11.49 $8.33
Discount Eligible

Coloplast 12836 Irrigation Sleeve. Box of 5

Coloplast Assura Irrigation Sleeve 2-3/8" Flange, Transparent, LatexThis irrigation sleeve from Coloplast is useful for irrigation, with a 2-3/8" flange. It is specially designed for use with Assura products. Contains...
$32.99 $27.15
1 Piece Ostomy Bags1-Piece Drainable Pouches

Coloplast 13876 Colostomy Pouch One-Piece System. Box of 10

Assura Ileostomy Pouch is a Non-Convex, Standard Wear, EasiClose Maxi Drainable Pouch. This ostomy pouch is equipped with the EasiClose outlet and standard wear adhesive. Hygienic and secure pouch for...
$69.15 $53.11
2 Piece Ostomy Bags2-Piece Urostomy Pouches

Coloplast 14206 Urostomy Pouch. Box of 10

The Two-Piece Urostomy Micro-Pouch allows people with urostomies to connect to a night bag without feeling the weight of their normal pouch during the night for optimum comfort. Twisting of...
$63.99 $48.70
Discount Eligible

Coloplast 2310 Skin Barrier Solid. Box of 30

Coloplast Skin Barrier Rings 3/8" Stoma Opening, Soft and Flexible, Ring-Shaped Hydrocolloid Barrier. These Skin Barrier Rings are soft, flexible, ring-shaped hydrocolloid barrier provides skin protection for stomas, fistulas and...