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Hartmann Econo-Paste 47300000 Bandage 1 Each

Econo-Paste and Econo-Paste Plus Calamine are the ideal choices for paste bandage applications. These cotton gauze bandages stretch and conform easily to the body. Both bandages feature a non-hardening, zinc-oxide...
$9.99 $6.62
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Hartmann MoliMed Premium Pads: 17'' x 6.5'', 168 Count

MoliMed Premium Compact, contoured design made with skin-friendly materials. Leg elastics and adhesive strip backingNon-woven surface protects the skin. Unique three-layer core offers quick acquisition speed, secure fluid retention and...
$134.49 $103.24
Bed Sheets

Hartmann Reusable Waterproof Sheeting, Twin 36" x 80", 1 Sheet

Dignity washable waterproof quilted sheeting has a soft polyester top and bottom with a vinyl center that prevents passage of fluids. Features: Washable and hypoallergenic Ultimate protection against spills and...
$22.99 $16.86
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Hartmann Sterilux 56810000 Premium Gauze Sponge Pack of 200

Hartmann 56810000 Sterilux 2 x 2 Inch Gauze Sponge 8 Ply is an absorbent gauze sponge that users can unfold in order to create more bandage area without damaging or...
BandagesDiscount Eligible

Hartmann-Conco 81200000 Conforming Stretch Bandage Pack of 12

This product is excellent as a secondary dressing. It features a uniform weave out of soft polyester fabric. This design aids in providing patient comfort and allows the bandage to...
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HartmannConco Hydrofilm 685757 Transparent Film Dressing Box of 10

Features Extremely thin film enables inspection of surrounding skin Waterproof Allows patients to bathe or shower Semi-permeable polyurethane film allows high breathability Good adhesion, even on conical body parts Skin-friendly...
$16.99 $12.66
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Hydrofilm 685761 Transparent Film Dressing. Box of 10

Hartmann Hydrofilm Transparent Adhesive Film Dressing is for use as a post-operative and primary dressing to protect against secondary infection, and to cover non-exudating wounds. This dressing prevents moisture build-up...
$20.49 $15.36
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HydroFilm Plus Transparent Sterile Film Dressing 685773 Box of 50

Wound care dressings have a variety of uses. This means that the sterile dressing can be in direct contact with the wound. Sterile wound care dressings decrease the risk of...
$40.49 $30.44
Booster Pads & Diaper Doublers

MoliCare Premium Lady Pad, 4.5 Drop Absorbency Level, 17" x 6.5", Non-woven, Latex-free, 10 Bags of 14 (140 Total)

MoliMed Pads are Soft, comfortable and discrete to wear with secure fit and ability to reduce leakage. Reduces incidence of skin irritations and also provides optimal absorption and fluid retention...
$114.49 $87.50