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Cardinal Health Cardinal Health Steel Transport Chairs

Cardinal Health Steel Transport Chairs

The Cardinal Health Transport Chairs are specifically designed to take you where you need to go both safely, comfortably, and style and is the right choice for your travel needs. Manufactured by Cardinal Health, who provides medical supplies and services and is one of the largest healthcare suppliers in North America, the Cardinal Health Transport Chair is made of steel for durability and low maintenance as well as quick transport. This means it will be easier to maneuver and load up for storage or carrying around in your vehicle. The seat is constructed of high strength black nylon upholstery and can accommodate the user?s weight up to 300 pounds. The Cardinal Health Transport Chairs come equipped with many great features for the user's convenience such as a back that folds down and can be closed up with a quick release mechanism making it super simply to store and travel with. The footrests are removable and allow for swinging away from the legs when getting up or into the chair. For the user?s comfort, the Cardinal Health Transport Chairs are padded with fixed armrests that are full-lengthed. Safety features of the Cardinal Health Transport Chairs include dual push-to-lock rear wheel brakes that can be operated by the users, which means the chair can be kept stationary when required. Also the chair has an adjustable seat belt to keep the user safely seated in the chair during movement. For peace of mind, the purchase of a Cardinal Health Transport Chairs will come with a Probasics Limited Warranty good for 5 years on the frame and cross brace and one year on the wheel locks and upholstery.
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19" Seat, 300 lb Weight Capacity, Swing Away Foot Rest
  • Seat Width: 19"
  • Seat Depth: 18"
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Item Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: F: 8" R:8"
  • Frame Style: Steel
  • Arms Style: Permanent
  • Foot Rests Style: Swing Away/Detachable
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