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Attends Attends Bariatric Underwear

Attends Bariatric Underwear

The Attends Bariatric Underwear is underwear designed to for adults that want discretion, comfort, and moderate to heavy leakage protection due to the condition known as incontinence. Because the Attends Bariatric Underwear is super absorbent it allows the user freedom to move around and continue with normal day to day activities. This unisex brief is made by Attends Healthcare Products, who has been in the business of making health care products for over 35 years. The Attends Bariatric Underwear is disposable pull-up underwear that is designed to fit most any adult body type. The underwear can be worn everyday or as needed depending on the user?s needs. With keeping the user's comfort and privacy in mind, the Attends Bariatric Underwear are engineered to feel like normal underwear. Sporting valuable features such as: Side panels that are improved and are now softer than before and stretch to twice the size Breathability Comfortable fit due to stretchable design Cloth like outer fabric with air-flow material Odor prevention Discreet fit In addition to the features mentioned above, many other enhancements are included. Such as no need to worry about embarrassing odors. The Attends Bariatric Underwear has an acquisition layer that is super absorbent with polymer channel and lock fluids placed in the core. The cellulose fiber construction in this underwear will help to prevent unpleasant odors by making it extra absorbent. The Attends Bariatric Underwear will channel the liquid and lock it away in the core which will keep the body drier. Dry skin is desired for health reasons. So less irritation from moisture will occur with the Attends Bariatric Underwear than does with traditional plastic underwear. The Attends Bariatric Underwear can be pulled up or down, just like you would do with regular underwear. There are also easy to tear-away sides though if the underwear needs to be removed for disposal. The Attends Bariatric Underwear fits comfortably around your stomach. The waistband is stretchable, so your fit will be snug. The back of the underwear has colored stitching so you know which way is the front and back.
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