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Nestle Boost Very High Calorie 530 Cal 8 oz

Boost Very High Calorie 530 Cal 8 oz

Maintaining a healthy diet requires planning and cooking which is a significant time investment. Many people, especially older adults, do not get the adequate nutrition that they need to stay strong and maintain a healthy weight. Boost Very High Calorie 530 Cal is a very high calorie complete nutritional drink that can help make sure you get a nutrient-dense meal replacement when you're in a time crunch. The Boost Very High Calorie shake serves as a good source of calories, which will help you gain weight. This is important for active adults who need help maintaining muscles and staying active. In addition to being a great source of calories, Boost Very High Calorie 530 Cal provides 26 essential vitamins and minerals and 22 grams of protein in only 8 ounces of liquid. The small amount size is perfect for individuals with fluid restrictions who that also have calorie and protein needs. The nutritious formula is lactose and gluten free, so it is suitable for people with lactose and gluten intolerances. Consuming Boost Very High Calorie in addition to a balanced diet will allow you to put on weight at a safe rate of 0.5 to 1 pound each week. If you are the caregiver of an elderly adult that has lost interest in food, Boost Very High Calorie can be used between meals as a snack or supplement. This product will help close the nutrition gap and fill and provide nutrients that are not fulfilled by food. Available in delicious flavors like Very Vanilla, will satisfy your needs and tastes. Boost is also a great addition to any milkshake or smoothie!
  • High calorie nutritional drink for gaining weight
  • 22 grams of protein to help maintain muscles
  • Contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Lactose and gluten free
  • Perfect for fluid restricted diets

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Vanilla, 27 Count
  • FL OZ.: 8 oz.
  • Flavor:Very Vanilla
  • Calories per serving: 530 Cal
  • Protein: 22 Grams
  • 26 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Formerly Carnation VHC 560
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Sku: 60355667
Id: 55868

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