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Encore Body Shield

Body Shield

Encore Body Shield is used with any ED pump, including the Encore Deluxe, Encore Impo Aid, Postvac, and Timm Osbon penis pumps for ED. The Encore Body Shield is a flexible, stretchable disc that is pulled over the penis through the center hole. This disc acts as a shield to protect skin and pubic hair from getting pulled while using a vacuum pump for impotence. Made of natural rubber, the Encore Body Shield contains latex.


Encore Body Shield Features and Benefits


  • Shields the rest of your body from the pump to help you get a seal.
  • Helps prevent scrotal tissue and pubic hair from being pulled into the tube.
  • Flexible enough to be stretched over the Penis Tension Ring after the erection is achieved.


Encore Body Shield Specifications


  • Size: Approximately 5" Diameter
  • Inner Diameter Size: Approximately 1" (Stretchable).
  • Actual size may vary slightly.


Image shown is for reference purposes only. The actual product appearance may vary. Please read product description for full and accurate details.

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