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Drive Drive Medical Non-Tilt Overbed Table

Drive Medical Non-Tilt Overbed Table

The Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table is lightweight and easy to move around. With the ability to swivel and situate right over the bed, this table provides a stable workspace with the look and feel of a traditional table. It is a perfect solution for those individuals that have limited mobility and have to spend a large amount of time in bed or in a chair but still need a place to carry out eating, writing activities, and more. The Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table not only helps with the patient?s confidence but provides them with the independence they are looking for to complete their daily personal activities. Made with a very nice walnut, wood-grain low-pressure laminate top, the Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table is textured so items won?t go falling or rolling off. The table also offers a large surface area with dimensions of 15" x 30". The Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table is a quality and good value product by Medline, who manufactures and distributes medical supplies, products, and is a provider of education and support in the healthcare industry. Many easy to operate features are incorporated in the Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table. First, the table can be lowered up and down very easily with the use of only very slight upward pressure. Adjustments to the height can be made between 28 and 45 inches. Anyone young or old can use the table top without problems. Second, there are 2" swivel casters in place, which makes the table really lightweight and easy to move. It can be moved to different positions or to another room very easily. Third, the tabletop can be locked safely in place once the desired height and location is reached. Finally for stability, the silver vein steel "H" base allows the table to remain secure in place.
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Color & Quantity
Wood Grain

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Wood Grain, "H" Base
  • Size: 15.5" x 26.5"
  • Seat Height: 28"-45"
  • Weight Capacity: 40 lbs
Status:In Stock
Sku: 40454483
Id: 55361

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