DryPro Sizing Chart

Begin by measuring the circumference of the arm or leg, right above where the cast ends. If the cast happens to be close to the elbow or knee, measure the middle of the bicep or middle of the thigh.**Do not measure around the cast, please measure the skin**

Once you have the circumference of the arm or leg, measure from the tip of the middle finger or bottom of the heel to the top end of the cast. It's fine if the protector measurement is longer than the limb. Any extra length will be removed when the vacuum seal is created.

Size Chart Arm Cover

Arm Cast CoverModel NumberArm CircumferenceLength
X-Small Full Arm FA-12 6 - 6.75 inches 16 inches
Small Full Arm FA-14 6.75 - 8.75 inches 23 inches
Medium Full Arm FA-16 8.75 - 10 inches 28 inches
Large Full Arm FA-18 10 inches & up 31.5 inches
Small Half Arm HA-13 7.75 - 10 inches 17.5 inches
Large Half Arm HA-15 10 inches & up 20 inches

Size Chart Leg Cover

Leg Cast CoverModel NumberLeg CircumferenceLength
X-Small Full Leg FL-12 7.5 - 11 inches 19 inches
Small Full Leg FL-14 14 - 16.5 inches 29 inches
Medium Full Leg FL-16 16.5 - 21 inches 33 inches
Large Full Leg FL-18 21 inches & up 37 inches
Small Half Leg HL-13 10 - 13 inches 21 inches
Large Half Leg HL-15 13 inches & up 23.5 inches