ArgiMent At with Bimuno Prebiotic Orange Creme Flavor, 1 Each

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Medical food that provides the nutrients for the dietary management of acute and chronic wounds that require enhanced levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

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ArgiMent AT meets the increased nitrogen needs for challenging wounds. Suitable for low sodium, gluten free, or low residue diets; do not use for patients suffering from dehydration, compromised renal function, liver disease, or galactosemia. The powder formulation can be used orally or through a feeding tube. It also has a shelf life of 24 months!

The formulation is filled with a mix of minerals and vitamins to reduce the barriers to healing in the chronic wound:
    • Antioxidants arginine, glutamine, zinc, and Vitamin C improve scar formation (maturation).
    • Arginine, glutamine and whey protein enhance and restore immune function to resist infection.
    • L-arginine supports angiogenesis to improve blood flow for wound profusion.
    • High-protein nitrogen supplementation (7g of arginine, 7g of glutamine and 10g of whey protein) more easily provides for the increased protein and nitrogen needs for all steps in wound healing.
    • Bimuno prebiotic produces a positive effect on immune response, as proven in clinical studies, by significantly improving the healthful balance of gut microflora.
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