ExpressMed offers a wide range of briefs and protective underwear to get the perfect fit for you. The first step in choosing what will work for your needs is knowing the difference between briefs and protective underwear.

Briefs, are fastened on the sides with tape or tabs. Protective underwear features a pull up style without tape or tabs. Choosing which is best for you depends on your lifestyle. Someone who is more active may choose a protective underwear, whereas someone who is bed bound may prefer briefs.

Another difference between briefs and protective underwear is the absorbency control they provide. Generally briefs are designed for a heavier flow and feature a color changing feature to indicate when it has been soiled. Another benefit of briefs is that you can use them for fecal incontinence.

When choosing briefs or underwear, it is very important to find a size that fits you properly. Our briefs and underwear come in the standard XS-XL sizing. If the x-small or small is too big for you, consider choosing one of our youth briefs. If the x-large is too small for you, consider our bariatric briefs for more coverage.

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