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Hormel Food Services Thick & Easy Thickened Beverage: Apple, 4 oz, Nectar Consistency, 24 Count

Sku - 12575420
  • READY-TO-SERVE THICKENED BEVERAGE. This apple-flavored beverage is specially formulated for individuals with swallowing disorders or dysphagia, and is ready to use straight from its 4 ounce portion cup
  • HIGH IN NUTRIENTS. Each serving provides the full recommended daily requirement for Vitamin C, making it an ideal nutritional choice for patients
  • Thick & Easy 17938 Food and Beverage Thickener Powder 1 Can

    Sku - 94250038
  • HIGH-INFUSED CALORIES AND LONG SHELFLIFE. With 750 Calories, canister holds Gluten-free, Corn Starch-based, & Maltodextrin with a 5-Year Shelf Life
  • DESIGNED FOR VARYING CONSISTENCIES. Depending on preparation, it can provide different levels of thickness for food and beverages for those aged 3 years and above
  • Thick & Easy Purees 7 oz Bowl Maple Cinnamon French Toast Ready to Use Puree Case of 7

    Sku - 18730161
  • QUALITY NUTRITION FOR ADULTS. The Thick & Easy Purees in a 7 oz. Plastic Bowl is a perfect meal solution for adults with swallowing difficulties. It comes in an appetizing Maple Cinnamon French Toast Flavor
  • READY TO USE. The puree is pre-prepared and requires no refrigeration, simplifying meal times. This puree consistency food is microwaveable and ready to serve within 60 seconds
  • Thick & Easy Purees 7 oz. Bowl Lasagna with Meat Sauce Ready to Use Puree CS/7

    Sku - 56626217
  • READY IN 60 SECONDS. The Thick & Easy Purees microwave trays offer ready-to-use, nutritious puree meals in a snap
  • STORE EASILY IN THE PANTRY. This meal solution can be easily stored in a dry pantry, saving valuable refrigerator space
  • Thick & Easy Purees 7 oz Bowl Turkey with Stuffing / Green Beans Ready to Use Puree Case of 7

    Sku - 80963708
  • READY-TO-SERVE NUTRITION. Thick & Easy Purees offer a meal solution for people who have difficulty swallowing – available in 6 flavorful options
  • SAVOR THE FLAVOR. This puree brings the delicious taste of turkey with stuffing and green beans, providing a comforting, classic meal experience
  • Thick & Easy Purees 7 oz Bowl Scrambled Eggs / Potatoes Ready to Use Puree Case of 7

    Sku - 92054273
  • READY-TO-SERVE PUREE. Packaged in convenient 7-oz trays, these purees are a quick and nutritious meal solution for those with swallowing difficulties.
  • ENHANCES NUTRITION INTAKE. With the scramble eggs/potatoes flavor, these purees not only offer consistency but also provide a delicious and healthy diet option.
  • Thick & Easy Purees, 7 oz. Bowl, Roasted Chicken with Potatoes / Carrots, Case of 7

    Sku - 27695260
  • FLAVORFUL AND NUTRITIOUS PUREE. The Thick & Easy Purees offer Roasted Chicken with Potatoes / Carrots fare that's nourishing, tasty and designed for those with dysphagia
  • READY IN A FLASH. Thanks to their innovative packaging, these Thick & Easy Purees are ready in just 60 seconds in a microwave, ideal for care settings where time and ease of preparation matter
  • Thick & Easy Purees 7 oz. Bowl Beef with Potatoes / Corn Ready to Use Puree Case of 7

    Sku - 40171127
  • READY TO SERVE PUREE. Thick & Easy Purees are ready to use, with each serving packaged in a 7 ounce container, prepared for quick heating and serving
  • DESIGNED FOR DYSPHAGIA. Expert chefs have developed the purees with a dedicated understanding of dysphagia, ensuring a product that caters to specialized dietary needs