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EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump Bag Set, 500 mL, DEHP-Free, Case of 30

Sku - 73158673
  • PRE-ATTACHED PUMP SET AND IN-LINE OCCLUDER. Comes well-equipped for efficient setup and operation in healthcare environments
  • PATENTED FREE-FLOW PROTECTION. Automatic occluder minimizes potential free-flow incidents for safer usage
  • Kangaroo epump 775100 Enteral Feeding Pump Spike Set with Bag, Case of 30

    Sku - 47014831
  • OPTIMIZED FOR KANGAROO EPUMP. This Enteral Feeding Pump Spike Set with Bag is designed for exclusive compatibility with the Kangaroo ePump, assuring a secure and efficient fit
  • SAFE MATERIAL. The set is fabricated from DEHP-Free PVC material, offering a safer alternative for patients and lessening exposure to harmful phthalates
  • Medline Gravity Feeding Set -Case of 30

    Sku - 25432568
  • DESIGNED FOR GRAVITY FEEDING. The Medline Gravity Feeding Sets are intended for enteral feeding in the absence of a pump
  • INCLUDES 1000ML BAG. Each individual set within the case of 30 includes a 1000 milliliter bag for feeding
  • Kangaroo ePump Feed Bag

    Sku - 20505127
    $25.94 - $158.34 5 options available
  • DESIGNED FOR KANGAROO EPUMP ENTERAL FEEDING PUMP. These pump sets are specifically made to be compatible with Kangaroo ePump and Joey Enteral Feeding Pump
  • SAFE AND SECURE FEEDING OPTION. The anti-free flow design ensures that the feeding solution won't leak, even when the bag is not oriented properly
  • $25.94 - $158.34 5 options available

    Kangaroo ePump Enteral Feeding Pump Bag 1000 mL, 1 Each

    Sku - 16554515
  • SAFE AND SECURE FEEDING. KANGAROO's ePump Enteral Feeding Pump Bags are DEHP-free and come with an integrated anti-free flow safety feature which provides constant protection against the possibility of a free flow incident
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY. These Pump Bags are not only compatible with the KANGAROO Joey Enteral Feeding Pump, but also have a threaded design to be compatible with the Nestle SpikeRight feeding port
  • Kangaroo Joey Pump Set 1,000 mL, 10 Pack

    Sku - 14420596
  • DEHP-FREE MATERIAL. Kangaroo Joey Pump Set is made with new PVC material, eliminating the use of the compound/chemical DEHP and protecting patients from any associated adverse side effects
  • SAFETY FEATURES. The set incorporates an internal, anti-free flow (AFF) device, offering continuous protection for the patient from potential free-flow incidents
  • Kangaroo Joey 762055 Enteral Feeding Pump Bag Set, 1 Set

    Sku - 47588087
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR ENTERAL FEEDING. This KANGAROO Joey Pump Bag Set is explicitly designed for enteral feeding, ensuring nutrition delivery is smooth and hassle-free
  • SAFETY FEATURES. Features Anti-Free Flow safety device to prevent formula from flowing when unloaded correctly, minimizing risk, and reducing potential for spills and patient tampering
  • Medline Enteral Feeding Sets Case of 30

    Sku - 60018853
  • COMPATIBLE WITH SENTINEL™ AND NESTLE COMPAT FEEDING PUMP. Designed for optimal efficiency, these feeding sets can be used effortlessly with both the Sentinel™ feeding pump and Nestle Compat feeding pump
  • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR FEEDING TUBES. To guarantee the best use, these feeding sets have been created exclusively for use with feeding tubes
  • Kangaroo 924 773621 Enteral Feeding Pump Set, 1 Set

    Sku - 67883215
  • PREMIUM ENTERAL NUTRITION SOLUTION. Kangaroo 924 773621 Enteral Feeding Pump Set is an application of Enteral Feeding Pump Bag set compatible with the 924 pump
  • SAFE AND CONSISTENT DELIVERY. Features preset volume and overflow infusion safeguards for the correct and consistent delivery of nutrition
  • Medline Compat Dualflo 12250535 Pump Administration Set 1 Each

    Sku - 71474406
  • DESIGNED FOR ACCURACY AND CONVENIENCE IN ENTERAL FEEDING. The Medline Compat Dualflo system includes a 1000 milliliter vinyl bag designed for easier reading and increased accuracy when filling
  • HIGH-QUALITY MANUFACTURING. Produced by the trusted medical supply manufacturer, Medline, this pump administration set lives up to the brand's reputation for quality and reliability
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