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Penis Pumps, also known as Vacuum Erection Devices, are an external pump with a band on it that allows a man with erectile dysfunction to obtain and maintain an erection. A penis pump works like a vacuum by drawing the air out of the cylinder to increase blood flow to the shaft of the penis. This causes the penis to swell and become erect. To retain the erection, slide the tension band to the base of the penis to constrict blood flow long enough for sexual intercourse.

There are two main types of penis pumps: manual and battery. A manual pump requires you to pull a lever or squeeze a bulb to create the vacuum. While this option demands more effort, it is the less expensive choice. While a manual pump is more economical, the battery pump is a far more advanced option. A battery pump allows a man to create a customized vacuum with just a push of a button.

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Encore Revive Custom Battery ED Pump

Price: $106.98
Compare: $110.99 to $120.59
Save up to $13 (11%)

Encore Revive Custom Manual Vacuum Therapy System

Price: $101.25
Compare: $105.99
Save up to $4 (4%)

Owen Mumford Rapport Classic Manual Vacuum Therapy Device

Price: $106.12 to $119.58
Compare: $110.99 to $125.99
Save up to $6 (5%)

Encore Manual Erectile Dysfunction Pump

Price: $95.00

Uromatrix Post-T-Vac Erec-Tech Vacuum Erection Device

Price: $168.59

Encore Revive Battery and Manual Erectile Dysfunction Pump

Price: $349.95

Augusta Medical Response II Ultraease Manual Impotence Pump

Price: $324.95

Uromatrix Post-T-Vac Erec-Tec 1000 Manual Vacuum Erection Device

Price: $133.22
Compare: $135.99
Save up to $2 (2%)

Impoaid Impoaid Battery Vacuum Erection Device Kit

Price: $97.85
Compare: $100.99
Save up to $3 (3%)

Encore Medical Oversized Penis Pump Cylinder

Price: $999.99

Osbon ErecAid System

Price: $218.01 to $496.99

Augusta Medical Touch II Battery Operated Impotence Pump

Price: $324.71

Impoaid Impoaid Vacuum Erection Manual Device Kit

Price: $95.40
Compare: $100.99
Save up to $5 (6%)

Augusta Medical Soma Erect STF Plus Impotence Pump

Price: $400.91

Encore Battery Only Operated Erectile Dysfuntion Pump

Price: $108.00
Compare: $110.99
Save up to $2 (3%)

VED Firma VED Ultra Vacuum Erection Device

Price: $3,500.00

VED Firma VED Classic RX Vacuum Erection Device

Price: $3,356.00

SomaerectStf SomaerectStf Impotence Pump

Price: $358.58

Encore Medical Revive Premium Vacuum Erection Device

Price: $398.53