Yoga Moves to Help with Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful and eventful time in a woman’s life. It’s full of wonder and excitement, with the mom-to-be and families preparing for and anticipating the newborn baby’s birth.

But with all the extra stress of things to do, weight gain, and the body stretched to the max during pregnancy, mom will want to make herself as comfortable as possible!

During and even after those 9 months she will need the time for herself to care and nurture her child and body.

Yoga has been an answer for this calmness, relaxation, and strength that pregnant women are seeking. Pre-natal yoga exercises can benefit you in many ways such as:

    ● Yoga can promote a balance between self-awareness and health

    ● Yoga teaches breathing techniques, which improves blood circulation

    ● Yoga can relieve tension, aches, and lower back pain

    ● Yoga can improve indigestion and nausea

    ● Yoga can reduce stress and anxiety

    ● Yoga can strengthen your legs, back, and abdomen

    ● Yoga moves can help to strengthen muscles needed for labor

    ● Yoga can keep you healthy and fit

    ● Yoga can help you get more sleep

    ● Yoga can decrease headaches


When you’re pregnant, some yoga moves or poses are safer to do than others. If properly done yoga can be very safe during pregnancy. It is, of course, recommended that a certified yoga instructor train you and you have your doctor’s approval before you start.

These yoga moves should be avoided during pregnancy:

Backbends, Camel, Headstands, Upward bow, Handstands, and Balancing on one leg.

Here are some names and a brief description of some relaxing and fun yoga poses you can try. For more details on how to perform these moves consult with your yoga instructor or physician.

1. Extended Side Angle Pose- Need More Energy?

If you feel like you don’t have any energy and you need a little boost, try this pose.

You will use many muscle groups like legs, ankles, groin, chest and more. Simply extend the upper arm up above your head at an angle and reach for the sky.

2. Triangle Pose- Feeling Tense?

This pose is perfect for bringing you balance, releasing stress, stretching the side of your body, helping the hips, and relieving tension in the shoulder area.

Stand with your legs 3 feet apart, like a five-pointed star, right toes to the right and left toes slightly inwards, then breathe in. Push your hip to the left and arms to the right, parallel to the floor.

Breath out, rotate the arms, raising the left arm up, with the right hand against the right leg, and palms facing forward. Keep arms in straight line with the shoulders. Put your left hip in front and the right hip in back.

Breathe in and out three to six times.

3. Cat/Cow Pose- Need Back Pain Relief?

Back pain is real and affects all women during pregnancy at some point.

The gentle rocking motion of the cat and cow pose though will stretch the body and sometimes move the weight of the baby off of your spine.

This pose will make the neck, shoulders, and spine more flexible as well as stretch the muscles in the back, hips, abdomen, chest, and lungs.

Like a cat: Inhale with your hands and knees on the floor. Then round your spine when exhaling. Keep your chin tucked towards your chest.

Like a cow: Inhale and arch your back. Keep your head and tailbone up. Go back and forth between the two poses. Inhale on the cow pose and exhale on the cat pose.

4. Cobra Pose- Need Help with Indigestion?

Work on stretching your abdominal muscles and helping your circulation with this pose. It can also help with constipation, which is an issue during pregnancy.

Lie down on your stomach. Keep your arms bent and your elbows toward the body. Your palms of your hand should be face down in front of the shoulders.

Take a breath in while lifting your head. Stay still for 10 seconds before you lower to the ground and breath out.

5. Wind Relieving Pose- Need to Get Rid of Excess Gas?

The stomach and intestines are pretty busy during pregnancy leaving you feeling full and gassy.

This pose helps improve this condition.

Lie down and raise your left knee. Put your hands around your knee. Breathe in and release. Do the same thing with your right leg. You can rock slowly during this pose.

6. Spinal Twist Pose- Help with Food Digestion?

Your food needs help as it goes down your digestive tract.

Try to this pose for some relief.

Sit down and put your left leg out in front of you. Cross your right leg over the left leg. The bottom of your right foot should be on the outside of your left knee.

Twist your body to the left as much as possible while placing the palm of your hands on the ground to the left.

Stay in this pose for 10 seconds while taking a breath in then exhale.

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