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  1. National Tea Month: 5 Teas to Combat Cold Weather

    January is National Tea Month, and for good reason. The freezing cold weather can be made a little less brutal with a nice, hot cup of tea.

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  2. Allergies: What To Expect As You Age

    Does it feel like your allergies are getting worse? Have you suddenly developed new allergies that you can’t explain? If you are experiencing itchy red eyes and a runny nose,…

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  3. Clean These Things! – Top Places Germs Hide In Your Home

      Spring is almost here, and for many of us that means “Spring Cleaning.” Given our busy schedules throughout the year, it’s easy to dread such a time.   Admittedly,…

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  4. Medical Masks and Living With Diabetes

    Medical masks are no longer being worn by only doctors and nurses, but are being worn by regular members of the public, as well. There is a multitude of reasons…

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