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  1. Simple Uses for CGM’s: Blood Glucose & More

    What is CGM? CGM stands for Continuous Glucose Monitoring. A CGM is a device that measures blood glucose levels at regular intervals around the clock.  As the name implies, it…

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  2. 6 Quick and Easy Halloween Treats for Diabetics

    When you think of Halloween, you think costumes, pumpkin carving, and candy. But the latter can be a limiting factor for those living with diabetes. Just because you live with diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this holiday in your own way.

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  3. You Need to Change These 3 Things to Reverse Your Prediabetes

    Prediabetes has grown to affect over 84 million Americans. But reversing prediabetes is possible with certain lifestyle changes.

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  4. 7 Diabetes-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes Guaranteed to Please

    No one should be left out of sharing a meal with family due to a health condition. We put together the best diabetes-friendly Thanksgiving recipes.

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  5. Diabetes Complications you Need to Know and how to Avoid Them

    November is National diabetes Awareness Month. This disease affects so many people and comes with many complications. Here are the risks you should know.

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  6. 5 Prediabetes Facts You Need to Know Immediately

    November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Right now, more than 30 million Americans are living with Diabetes. But have you ever heard of Prediabetes?

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  7. 3 Test Strips you Need to Know: Glucose, Ketone, Urine, oh my!

    7% of your body weight is blood — that’s a lot! And it can tell you so much about your metabolic health.

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  8. Diabetes: What is Type 1 and Type 2?

      One of the most important things you can do is take care of your health and your body. If you or someone you know has diabetes, it is also…

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