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Aging is something that we all must experience. When you are young, you do not think about what it will be like to age, but it is inevitable. It’s important to know ways to take care of yourself so that you can experience aging in a healthy manner.


Aging can often lead to some pretty uncomfortable body pains. The body experiences changes in many forms. Degeneration occurs in joints and muscles causing pain that may be persistent. Pain can also come from lack of exercise, poor nutrition, or stress.


Here are some common pains that you may experience and what you can do to prevent them.



They usually occur between 20 – 50 years of age. However, some do occur in children. If you don’t like to take over the counter meds, try using some natural remedies.


Tips to Ease:


You can begin by closing your eyes and massaging your temples or take a warm bath. Noises and lights can make headaches and migraines worse. Therefore, if you can get away to a secluded area like a bedroom or private area do so.


If you do decide to take medication, ibuprofen or acetaminophen can usually relieve headache symptoms. Taking over the counter medication can be extremely helpful, especially if you have a long day ahead of you.

Never mix medications that have these ingredients as taking over the recommended dose can cause other health problems. Consult a doctor if your headache persists beyond a few days.

Arthritis Pain Caused By Aging


The most common type of arthritis besides Osteoarthritis (OA, tissue in bones that wears down in ages 60 – 70) is Rheumatoid Arthritis. It’s an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the tissue and joints in the body.


While it may be common in elders, it can also occur in younger adults between the ages of 20 – 30. It has been linked to those with Vitamin D deficiency.


Tips to Ease:

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) requires a medical diagnosis, and currently, there are no cures for it. However, it is manageable. For self-care, many with RA use heating pads and use physical and stretching therapy to combat the pains. Pain from Arthritis in the hands can be relieved using Arthritis Gloves.

arthritis pain glovesthermophore

For Osteoarthritis, daily exercise is helpful in getting rid of arthritis joint pains and aches to keep blood circulating and muscles strong and healthy. So, remember to live an active lifestyle.

Muscle Spasm Pain

This usually comes as a shooting pain abruptly in our muscles. Often occurring in the neck, leg, back, face, and foot. Muscle spasms often occur due to fatigue, dehydration, or lack of electrolytes.

As painful as they are, muscle spasms usually don’t last very long. If they do, there may be other underlying causes of why your muscle spasms occur, which may need medical attention.

Tips to Ease:

One way to get rid of muscle spasms is to begin by gently massaging the area where the muscle spasm is present.

If you find a shooting pain in the lower back consider whether or not the spasm was the effect of heavy lifting or some other physical activity. Listen to your body.

Try to relax and relieve the pain naturally. Use cold therapy such as an ice pack or bag of frozen veggies if you don’t have one. Try warm therapy with the use of a heating pad for deep penetrating relief.

Bengay Ultra StrengthHot and Cold Therapy

If you can get your muscles to relax, that is the best way to get rid of the problem. Other alternatives include over-the-counter painkillers and topical creams.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel can happen to older and younger adults starting at age 30, but usually starts between ages 40 – 70. More women suffer from CTS more than men.

CTS can create a numbness and pinching sensation in the hand, fingers, or arm are felt due to a disrupted or pinched nerve.

Tips to Ease:

Because every case is different, the severity and lack of care can vary depending on the individual and time of diagnosis. Consequently, treatments can be done through self-care, therapy, or surgery where the recovery time can be a few weeks to months.

If you use your fingers and hands as a primary function of your job, consider taking a break and do some muscle exercise to increase blood flow. While resting periodically may help, it may also benefit you to wear splints on the job.

ice it cold therapy

Pay attention to the direction and weight in which you pull certain items. Make sure to use your muscles correctly. In the winter, use gloves to reduce stiffness. Use topical medications such as methanol to ease chronic pain during the day.

Menstrual Pelvic Pain  


Many women (between the ages of 18 – 50) can experience pelvic pain for several reasons including the symptoms that occur from the menstrual cycle. The pain usually lasts a lot longer than normal cramps and happens to women right before their menstrual cycle.

Tips to Ease:

Common home remedies to help get rid of pelvic pain can be as simple as taking over-the-counter painkillers. However, some women prefer to use birth control, which may or may not alleviate some of these symptoms.

Hot water bottles compressed against the pelvic area can get rid of some pain, or a warm bath to help relax the surrounding muscles.

If you feel the pain is more intense and unusual then you may want to analyze other physical behaviors such as discharge in the bowels or vaginal area. Other pelvic pains unrelated to the menstrual cycle may be more serious.

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