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  1. Compression Socks and Gloves May Benefit People Looking to Get Fit

    Which thoughts come into your head when you see a pair of compression socks on sale? Do you think that they’re just for people living with diabetes and pregnant women? If…

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  2. Medical Masks and Living With Diabetes

    Medical masks are no longer being worn by only doctors and nurses, but are being worn by regular members of the public, as well. There is a multitude of reasons…

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  3. At Home Wound Care: Don’t Just Stick to Cartoon Solutions Especially if you are Living with Diabetes

    Unfortunately for many Americans, their wound care must go beyond character-clad Band-Aids and mom’s kisses. Maybe they’ve had surgery or are combating underlying illnesses that make them more susceptible to infections…

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  4. Which Wound Binders Are Bound to be Better for People with Abdominal Woes?

    Over the years, great strides have been made in regards to abdominal surgical techniques. The same is true of post-op wound care. As such, people who undergo abdominal surgery this…

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  5. Buying Guide: Exam Gloves

    Whenever dealing with chemicals, germs, messes, and bodily fluids it is important to provide a protective barrier. The most common form of skin protection is the exam glove. While it…

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