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  1. How To: Prep Kids & Family for Safe Return to School

    General practices can be implemented into your daily routine to prepare your kids and family for a safe return to school. Many states have made it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask and social distance including those starting at elementary.

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  2. Why You Should Be Eating Healthy During Quarantine

    Why You Should Be Eating Healthy During Quarantine

    Right now, our world is upside down, and health is at the top if not the first of our priorities. So, why not eat healthily?  When it comes to food,…

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  3. High Blood Pressure is the 1 Reason You Need to Reduce Stress

    High blood pressure is caused by weight, diet, lack of exercise, and stress. If the easiest thing you can change is your stress levels, then we recommend it heartily!

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  4. American Heart Month: Is Heart Disease Prevention as Easy as Walking?

    Heart Disease prevention is a hot topic. Many think it’s as simple as walking around the block. But new evidence says your walking speed is more important.

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  5. Eat These Foods to Fight High Blood Pressure (Yes, Eat More!)

    To fight high blood pressure, it shouldn’t be about taking foods away, right? Right! There are plenty of delicious foods you should be eating more of!

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  6. Need to Reduce Your Blood Sugar? Easy, cut the Bread!

    Think limiting your sugar intake is the best way to lower your blood sugar? Think again.

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  7. Does Yoga Actually Benefit People With Incontinence?

    If you’re dealing with urinary incontinence, you may think it’s permanent and adult disposable underwear are your only option now. But recent studies suggest otherwise.

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  8. How to Enjoy Your Summer and Avoid Painful Injuries

    Do you feel like you see and experience more injuries in the summer? It seems like you can go all spring, fall, and winter and not use a single bandage those 9 months.

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