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  1. Health Secrets of 5 Strong Women

    Strength isn’t a matter of using brute force or gritting your teeth. Rather, as these five women reveal, it’s a matter of following your passion and working hard to overcome…

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  2. 30 Tips for Nourishing Your Mind & Your Body

    Day 1. Avoid the Pitfalls of Working Too Much Working long hours and not taking care of yourself can spell disaster for your health. Here are a few tips from…

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  3. 7 Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

    Brain feeling drained? Common cognitive issues can have multiple causes — and it's important to know what's causing your memory lapses and mental fog before you can treat them. Here,…

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  4. Your Travel-Related COVID-19 Questions, Answered!

    The spread of coronavirus has us all full of questions. But as news of travel bans and outbreaks in several countries hit the headlines, those holding plane tickets are particularly…

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  5. STOP Dieting and START Living a Lifestyle of Happiness

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by everything you read in a magazine, see on social media or hear on TV about weight loss? I decided to do some research on…

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  6. Study Finds Neck Gaiters May Be Worse Than Not Wearing A Mask At All. Is Your Mask Effective?

    Welcome to the ExpressMed Blog! Health and wellness are our expertise. Enjoy the content below and subscribe to get personalized member-only content, discounts, and more! Finding a facemask during the…

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