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Published By: Christy Love

  1. Face Shield vs. Face Mask: What’s the Level of Protection?

    Face Shields are not necessarily “better” than face masks and vice versa. They can’t be substituted because technically, they’re not designed to serve the same purpose. Simply put, there isn’t…

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  2. How To: Prep Kids & Family for Safe Return to School

    General practices can be implemented into your daily routine to prepare your kids and family for a safe return to school. Many states have made it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask and social distance including those starting at elementary.

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  3. Face Masks: How to Choose the Right One

    At the start of 2020, the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommended for the general public to wear face masks and cloth coverings and today they are…

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  4. Why You Should Be Eating Healthy During Quarantine

    Why You Should Be Eating Healthy During Quarantine

    Right now, our world is upside down, and health is at the top if not the first of our priorities. So, why not eat healthily?  When it comes to food,…

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  5. Quick: Should I use a CGM Adhesive Patch? Yes!

    If you wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor, it’s best to consider buying a CGM adhesive patch. There are several reasons for this. CGM devices are extremely convenient, but sometimes they…

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  6. Special Delivery! Disinfect at Your Door: COVID-19.

    Disinfect, disinfecting, disinfection. Exactly how many times have we heard that? As we know full well in the time of COVID-19, a proper disinfection plan should be in place. The…

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  7. What in the World is CGM vs. BGM?

    In our previous blog, we explained Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) according to how it works and its benefits. Now we’re discussing the differences between Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Blood Glucose…

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  8. Simple Uses for CGM’s: Blood Glucose & More

    What is CGM? CGM stands for Continuous Glucose Monitoring. A CGM is a device that measures blood glucose levels at regular intervals around the clock.  As the name implies, it…

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